Belching Penguin / Demos 1985 / 1988
Album: Demos 1985 / 1988   Collection:General
Artist:Belching Penguin   Added:Jul 2012
Label:Burrito Records  

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1. Sep 27, 2012: Catharsis
Better Off Dead
2. Sep 05, 2012: ThermoNuclear Bar
Better Off Dead

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-07-11
A raucous, piss-raw collection of unreleased recordings from obscure Florida punk band Belching Penguin—these guys were hardcore after hardcore was cool, i.e. the mid-to-late 80s. Their only LP was called “Draft Beer, Not Me”. The humidity made these sweaty teenage malcontents crank out some vicious, aggressive, snotty hardcore in the vein of early DRI, Hirax, or Suicidal Tendencies minus the metal. (This 7” is a few years old, but whatever)


A1. Arrrg! Faaast! Fuuuuck everything! (but FCC clean)
A2. Ibid.
A3. Ibid.
A4. Ibid.

B1. Starts dark and sludgy, but then kicks into lightspeed. FCC clean? Maybe, can’t really tell.
B2. Belch; then fast hardcore, telling Tipper Gore where to shove it (but as far as I can tell, also without FCCs)
B3. Onetwothreefour-fuckyou! But once again, no FCCs.
B4. Fast powerchords, no fccs, you get the idea

Track Listing
1. Better Off Dead   5. Hellhole
2. Dead People Can't Drive   6. Senators' Wives
3. Suburban Life   7. Blow Your Mind
4. Box Lunch   8. What's The Point?