Kane Ikin / Sublunar
Album: Sublunar   Collection:General
Artist:Kane Ikin   Added:Oct 2012

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1. Mar 23, 2013: The Base of A Dream is Empty
4. Mar 07, 2013: The Sunset Life
2. Mar 15, 2013: The Sunset Life
5. Mar 02, 2013: alles 2.0
Compression Waves
3. Mar 14, 2013: The Sunset Life
Prometheus' Tail
6. Feb 28, 2013: The Sunset Life

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2013-01-07
Despite the impression the track titles, 12k endorsement, or “ambient” tagline above might give, this is not the sort of smooth, soothing ambient made for blissful dreams. This is aggressive, heavy, potentially workable for more ambient-minded hip-hop artists. Evoked by the album cover, this music sounds granulated and watery, woozy loops laid open. Music for an unsettling night. No words, no FCCs. Favorites: 1, 2, 14, 15.

1. *(4:47)—Staticky, woozy, dark. Really slow, heavy beat. Could be mistaken for abstract Clams Casino.
2. *(4:02)—Calm, pulsing loop. Low-end rumble. Slow, bell-like sounds.
3. (2:30)—More pulsing loops. For ambient, this is pretty heavy. Dials back at the end.
4. (1:47)—Slow, watery loops. Faint drum sounds. Ambient for the jungle.
5. (3:16)—Deep, aggressive. A beat slowly emerges from the looping.
6. (2:22)—Slow, glitchy beat. Underwatery synthesized sounds.
7. (2:45)—Insects in the night. Deep bass and decaying synths.
8. (0:55)—Loop and slow, muffled beat.
9. (1:10)—Roaring, shimmering drone. Bells. Percussive sound effects.
10. (4:49)—Slow. Maintains the sound of earlier tracks and adds some aggressive higher tones.
11. (4:29)—Beatless. Starts with tinny synths. Sounds of heavy wind.
12. (2:35)—Slow, pulsing beat. Crackling sounds.
13. (4:51)—Deep, glitchy bass. Plucked and bowed string sounds. Woozy high-pitched tones.
14. *(4:28)—Ominous, wind-swept drones. Dissonant metallic sounds.
15. *(4:44)—Soft beat that develops a static sheen later in the song. Something that sounds like a steel guitar played underwater.
16. (4:13)—Light 4/4 beat. Bird sounds. Gradual buildup of sonic elements. Halfway in, the song shifts to decaying synth sounds and throbbing bass.

Track Listing
1. Europa   9. The Violent Silence
2. Slow Waves   10. Black Sands
3. In The Arc   11. Lo
4. Ebbing   12. Prometheus' Tail
5. Rhea   13. Oberon
6. Titan   14. Compression Waves
7. Sleep Spindle   15. In The Shadow Of The Vanishing Night
8. An Infinite Moment   16. Hyperion