Talibam! / Puff Up The Volume
Album:Puff Up The Volume Collection:General
Artist:Talibam! Added:Oct 2012
Label:Critical Heights 

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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-06-26 
Talented musicians making amateurish but occasionally hilarious joke rap. File under wtf. FCCs abound, play at your own risk. At its worst, sounds like early Lonely Island, but there are sporadic moments of absurdist brilliance(?). One of the guys is a much better rapper than the other, but it's all relative. Drummer is actually really good. Lots of Cold War/Russia references. It's not as purely smutty as my documentation of the FCCs might lead you to believe, but don't play it for your grandma (especially track 7).

1. (0:30) people with cartoonish brooklyn accents talking about "jimmys"
2. (3:45) off-kilter drums and quasi-jazzy electric bass. FCCs: "missile dick," "humping a cow," "suck you hard like a popsicle stick," others (so many others)
3. (3:18) head-nodding beat, pitch-shifted vocals. Musically, probably the best of the bunch. FCCs: didn't catch any swear words, but lots of weird sexual metaphors, e.g. "your iPod's like my nuts"
4. (2:06) uptempo punk-ish piano intro turns into warped breakbeat. Catastrophically bad rapping. FCCs: shit, probably others
5. (3:32) cool drums and layered effects. FCCs: "when you hear a sonic boom, I'm tapping that ass," others
7. (2:39) fast 4/4 beat with some flashy drum fills. A few clever lyrics. FCCs: [eww]
8. (3:31) almost sounds like real hip hop until they start rapping. FCCs: fuck, "I don't give a shit if Saddam Hussein is still alive"
9. (0:18) another skit about "jimmys"
10. (2:49) sounds like hip hop DEVO. Innovative use of vocoder. Cold war lyrics? b-b-b-b-bacon.
11. (0:10) I'm not sure what value these skits are supposed to add.
12. (3:23) "oh shit Dr. fucking Giggles is in the fucking house." Ballad of sorts about a guy named Dr. Giggles who was marooned on an island for three years. The fact that he ate his own underwear is a major plot point. More Russia references. FCCs: many
13. (2:44) self-referential intro transitions into discussion of Lady Gaga milking a cow. "Communism started Desert Storm" and other weird political statements. Probably the worst rapping on the entire album.
14. (2:21) "I'm a sex genius." There may or may not be FCCs, but you shouldn't play this song on the radio regardless.
15. (0:09) the characters in the skits are as confused by this album as I am.
16. (4:35) nondescript beat, organ. Lots of stuff about hot dogs. Rhymes pies with thighs. FCCs: ass, bitch, others
17. (0:38) lewd discussion about Condoleeza Rice
18. (2:40) beat sounds like dark Rick Astley song. FCCs: bitch
19. (1:12) the skit characters decide to make their own rap album. I think one of them dies?

Track Listing
1.Jimmys From The 49th 10.Wack Wack Chippy Wimp
2.Zombie From Albequrque 11.Jimmys Confused
3.I Want All Your Money 12.Dr Giggles
4.Step In The Marina 13.You're A Creep
5.From Nasa To Boeing 14.Sweet Leader
6.Occupy My Jimmy 15.Jimmys Angry
7.Puff Up The Volume 16.Jack Is In A Hotdog
8.Hard Day Tough Day 17.Jimmys & Condoleeza
9.Poor Little Jimmys 18.Mottel In The Hotel
 19.Jimmys Try A Turn