Santana, Omar & Evan Gamble Lewis / Dubterranean 2 "Ill Skillz"
Album: Dubterranean 2 "Ill Skillz"   Collection:General
Artist:Santana, Omar & Evan Gamble Lewis   Added:Dec 2012
Label:Moist Music  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-12-11
Omar Santana & Evan Gamble Lewis – Dubterranean 2 “ILL SKILLZ”
Reviewed by Sadie O., 12/11/12
“Hardhop”/Dubstep from NYC. Well-known DJ/producer with outstanding pedigree. Amazing hardcore Dubstep production determined to split your head right opem. Sadly, quite a few FCCs in the spoken word parts.
CD 1 – I’d avoid tracks 1 and 2 altogther, play tracks 3, 4 and 10 during Safe Harbor, and the other tracks con gusto and frequently.
CD 2 – avoid track 3, 6, 8, 10, play track 1 (and maybe 9) only during Safe Harbor, other tracks (esp 11) long and often…

CD 1:
1. 5:50 FCCs – multiple **plodding beat, pulsing qweebles, rather alarming, heavy dubstep.
2. 5:18 FCC? Not sure… If it is “fuck”, it’s repeated over and over… **very slow, whooshy and woobly, grunty screeky.
3. 5:02 FCC “get your damn hands up”… maybe “oh shit” as well. **march of the insect pianos. Bouncy syncopation. Amazing dubstep gronches.
4. 5:23 “Damn” repeated (in 2-line chorus) over and over. **very faint spoken word intro, then slow ponderous Dubstep.
5. 5:21 ****slow 4/4 high-hat with flying things and spacemen. And ponderous as hell dubstep.
6. 5:50 ***whistles, syncopated beat, flying burps and farts. Rather insidious at first, then outright disturbing.
7. 5:02 **ting ting ting on the high-hat, then more ponderous plodding with woobles. “Juggernaut” pretty much describes the whole record.
8. 6:00 **screechy metalics, but nice slow one-drop sound, subterranean organics and epic noises. OG sing-jay. Kinda cute!
9. 5:09 ***chimes and ponderous beats. Large and slow and buzzy, demented circus feel.
10. 5:11 FCC? ***slow with all sorts of gronchy noises. The stupid voice tells us to stick our middle fingers in the air – is that an FCC?
CD 2:
1. 5:22 FCC “fuck” **mellow chords, plings… slow one-drop with fast overlaid percussion. Massive dubstep starts after while.
2. 5:21 ***slow mellow, gentle plinks and chords, almost meditational… Goes all large and brain-frying after a minute and a half or so. Extremely processed female vocals. Gnarly.
3. 5:22 FCC – “shit” repeated **very slow beats, gwoobles.
4. 5:43 ***slow blattyfarts, bits of beatless sound collage… Then HUGE dubstep. March of the giant robot flamingos!
5. 5:17 ***very slow, beatless bits with deeply processed bass vocals, then ponderous screechy things.
6. 5:31 FCC – “fuck” several times ***large chords, chittering squeebles.
7. 7:09 **cymbal plinks, randomosity, chimey things. Fades out and back in with big stuttering hisses. I think there’s something in there channeling Robert Plant for just a moment, too…
8. 5:27 FCC – “fuck” a few times **drips, angels and monsters, bits of processed voice, piano… Serious woobles.
9. 6:22 May be a single FCC…**slow beat and kind of ethereal noises, then big thumps, ominous. Something approaching a song, for a bit. Then grunts, bangs and screeches – and flutes.
10. 5:49 FCC: “cum in your mouth” etc etc etc. Don’t play.
11. 4:15 ****chirps and gronches, midtempo 4/4 march. Buzzes, all sorts of terrible noises, yay!

Track Listing
1. Ill Skillz   11. Am Mayhem (Featuring T La Roc)
2. Bonehead   12. I Will Haunt You (Featuring Lauren Lewis)
3. Stick'em Up   13. Hard Street Shit
4. Bang Ya Head   14. Always
5. Da Jugula   15. Freedom
6. Let Me Remix My Throat   16. Dub It On
7. Juggernaut   17. Razorburn
8. Lose My Dub (Featuring Capo - G)   18. File X
9. Corporate Cannibal (Featuring Keoki)   19. Much Better
10. Finger Bang   20. Vulgar Display Of Affection
  21. Bass Pressure