Group One Crew / Fearless
Album: Fearless   Collection:General
Artist:Group One Crew   Added:Dec 2012
Label:Fervent Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-12-17
Group One Crew/Fearless/Fervent Records
Group 1 Crew is known for their club-style cross-over appeal and catchy production. This album is no different. The production is much better on this album than previous albums and they delve into more personal topic matters in a variety of their songs from abuse, fears overcome, and more, yet they still keep their musical soul in the process. Down one man in the group, they seem to lose nothing and the output is pretty dope album. My favorite tracks are: 1, 3, 4, 8, 12, & 13. If you like to dance and enjoy great production, or if you're just looking for something to lift your spirits, this is a solid choice. NO FCC.
*1) 3:28 - Med/fast, Synths & strings, drums and elec guitar. Staccato piano, happy song.
2) 3:49 - Fast, elec guitar with synth overlays, pitch bends, techno style drums and truncated & muted snares with heavy effects (reverb).
**3) 2:48 - Med/Slow, One of my favorite tracks. Piano and bass guitar carried. Elec guitar, drums and synth sounds round this track off.
*4) 3:45- Slow, more hip-hop infused, tom-toms, heavy synths and elec guitar. Hard and slightly dark sound. Voice overs.
5) 3:19 - Med tempo. Hard drum kit and synth overlays, heavy on the effects, rolling hi-hats.
6) 3:22- Slow. Marching style drums, acoustic and electric guitar and strings (synths).
7) 3:28 - Med/Fast. Acoustic guitar, techno drum kits. Nice vocal and harmonies, upper octave piano helps carry melody
*8) 4:19 - Med. Orch hits and synth overlays, bass guitar heavy and maraca style shakers
*9) 3:46 - Slow. Piano, synths, muted drum kits and hi-hats
10) 3:59 - Fast. Party song # 1, heavy effects (club style, Boom-Bap!), basic drums, orch hits and tom-toms.
11) 3:48 - Fast. Another party song, hard bass & snares, synths.
*12) 3:53 - Slow. Arpeggio style piano, synths, elec guitar, panned vocal effects
*13) 3:44 - Med/Slow. Pitch bends and modulations, Electric piano and guitar, drums, synths.
Reviewed by Dan (Lift Jesus Higher)

Track Listing
1. His Kind Of Love   7. Mr. And Mrs. (I Do This For You)
2. The Difference   8. Darkest Valley (Feat. Flame And Thomas Ware)
3. He Said (Feat. Chris August)   9. Not The End Of Me
4. Dangerous   10. Freq Dat
5. Going Down   11. Night Of My Life
6. Fearless   12. Steppin Out
  13. Forsaken