A Lull / Confetti
Album: Confetti   Collection:General
Artist:A Lull   Added:Mar 2013
Label:Mush Records  

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Weapons For War
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Album Review
Reviewed 2014-09-23
A Lull / Confetti – On the rock-ier side of things. Some of the songs can blend together, but for those that stand out, A Lull does a good job taking rock in a neat direction. Many of the songs have a good use of drums and other percussion, such as the triangle, wood blocks, and buzzers to keep the songs interesting. But a common thread in each song tends to keep each one together.
FCC clean.
*(1) 4:18: Starts with some horn noises in the beginning and then transitions to a really nice upbeat melody.
(2) 3:55: Mechanical sounds at the beginning and then some nice harmonies for the vocals.
(3) 4:02: Fun song with a great beat over some twangy sounds of sitar.
(4) 4:07: Repetitive background builds. Emphasis is on lyrics with some mechanical music in the background. Ends with some drum heavy outro.
(5) 3:24: Simple beat with a melody that emphasizes the rhythm of the lyrics.
*(6) 5:02: Surprisingly nice singing on this track. Nice use of beat to connect the song together.
(7) 4:57: The song starts up and then kind of dissolves into some rattling music until it starts to get going again. The transitions keep flowing through the song, and it never quite picks a style. Interesting construction.
*(8) 5:31: This song is really fun to listen to. It feels like you are hopping though some kind of steam punk environment with your best friend. Neat play with how the vocals sound.
(9) 4:45: Lots of drums and simple lyrics whose words fade into the background. The song sounds mostly instrumental.
(10) 3:21: The lyrics loop around and around, but the melody adds in some little tidbits to keep the song flowing without getting too repetitive.
(11) 5:28: Overlaid looping vocals that fade into instruments make for an interesting flow in the music. Eventually the music switches to entirely instrumental with vocals coming in at the end.
Reviewed by Chelsea – Sept 23, 2014

Track Listing
1. Weapons For War   6. Phem
2. Mammals   7. Pregnancy
3. Some Love   8. Sidemen
4. Dark Stuff   9. Water & Beasts
5. White Girl   10. Spread It All Around
  11. Aytche