Davidson, Xopher + Zbigniew Karkowski / Processor
Album: Processor   Collection:General
Artist:Davidson, Xopher + Zbigniew Karkowski   Added:Apr 2013
Label:Sub Rosa  

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Process 3
3. Jul 10, 2013: Brownian Motion
Process 5
2. Jul 20, 2013: Fried Egg
Process 1
4. Jul 09, 2013: Meow
Process 4

Album Review
Be Sharp
Reviewed 2013-06-30
EXPERIMENTAL ELECTRONIC Intellectual, extremely minimalist, electronically generated and manipulated tones—similar in spirit to the old Musique Concrete movement of decades ago. (Or maybe one of those old test records for your audio equipment.)

No vocals. No FCC issues.

All tracks segue without any gap
1. Two parts. At first a very quiet, very low single-tone subwoofer rumble. At about half way, add a quick heartbeat. (3:55)
2. Same low rumble, but now there’s a high-end hiss. Midway, we hear a very fast, repeated tin-toned keyboard figure. (3:14)
3. Mid-fast pounding (thump thump) above that low rumble. Just before 5:00, machinegun-tempo static. Later, a low grumble at frequencies a string bass or contrabassoon might be heard. At ~8:00, white noise plus a pulse mixed in. At ~9:00 long single tones try to emerge but never amount to much. Last few minutes are a soft, uniform rumble. (13:59)
4. Two single tones (one very low, one in mid-audio range) both with a machinery-like timbre, pulsing in volume. At 4:00 these drop out, leaving quiet white-noise static, which slowly gets louder but never gets interesting. A minute to go, drops to dead silence for half a minute. A few quiet notes appear then fade out. (10:09)
5. A little more interesting to start: a bit more rhythm; at one point even a hint of melody; but entire second half is just that low rumble again. (11:44)

Track Listing
1. Process 1   3. Process 3
2. Process 2   4. Process 4
  5. Process 5