Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits / Trainwreck To Narnia
Album: Trainwreck To Narnia   Collection:General
Artist:Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children Macnuggits   Added:May 2013
Label:Rooftop Comedy Productions  

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Biological Imperative, Cop Kisser
4. May 22, 2013: Finger Licking Good
After The Armadillo
2. Jun 07, 2013: Catharsis revisited again I guess
Blues Turn Brown
5. May 16, 2013: Catharsis: Bobby Joe Ebola edition
The Last Child Soldier, Baked Beans And Whiskey
3. May 22, 2013: Minding The Gap
Baked Beans And Whiskey

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-05-16
Jaunty, genuine punk-ish rock with a folk troubadour spirit, treating serious themes with a silly sense of humor. Deeply rooted in the Bay Area DIY community, the duo of Corbett Redford and Dan Abbott have made punk more egalitarian by promoting artists shunned by the elite punx at Maximum Rock n Roll, 924 Gilman, etc. Simple, honest songs that would fit just as well in the ‘20s (there’s even a ragtime tune!)—the everyman’s everymen, these are. Take the catchiness of Operation Ivy or Screeching Weasel, throw in the brash silliness of Tenacious D (replace Jack Black’s whining with The Dick Panthers’ flawless croon), spiced up with keen social awareness. Pirate drinking songs, moshpit anthems and square-dances abound.

1. Dark, rollin’ strummy affair with campfire chanting backups, a Boy Named Sue-styled tongue-in-cheek narrative
2. FCC “shit”. Electric rock stomp with pipe organ and horns emerging when it intensifies, a catchy yet dark take on white privilege.
3. FCC “scoopin’ up dog shit”—jaunty strong with a cantina country vibe, all about scoopin up dog shit and shoplifting to get by
4. Furious raging punk rock, Dead Kennedys style except for the power-ballad-y bridge, searing guitar leads.
5. Bar-rock crooning about raising kids, urgent pace held back by the dramatic vocals, concludes with a spooky organ-synth outro
6. Lighthearted folksy strum, piano and trumpet come in to give it an old-timey, almost ragtime feel, a love song for vinyl records
7. 3/4 sea shanty complete with accordion, baked beans and whiskey for dinner again!
8. Starts out a grungy plod, then turns into a punk-rock anthem about how jaywalking sucks and society does too
9. Goofy folksy ballad gets dramatic, barrels right into some hardcore punk with a violin solo (!) and some guitar shredder
10. FCC “cunt” “shit” etc.—ironically, the heavy punk singalong tune’s constant refrain is “why don’t we censor the word cunt?” Gets bouncy and ska-ish in the bridge.
11. Bright cheesy powerpop with stripped-down punk sensibilities, an encouragement to smile and be happy
12. Serious, heartwrenching singalong folk—“when the last child soldier with the last case of AIDS cuts the last tree down, who will build his grave?” Epic in a Tenacious D doing “We Are The World” kind of way.

Track Listing
1. After The Armadillo   7. Baked Beans And Whiskey
2. Vanilla American   8. Walk In The Crosswalk
3. Blues Turn Brown   9. Bone Dagger
4. Cop Kisser   10. Censor The Word
5. Biological Imperative   11. Hey Everybody!
6. My Darling Boo   12. The Last Child Soldier