Hunt, Rollin / Phoney, The
Album: Phoney, The   Collection:General
Artist:Hunt, Rollin   Added:Jun 2013
Label:Moniker Records  

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Trail Of Tears
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In The Window
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Seperate Ways

Album Review
Eme O
Reviewed 2014-06-27
Cosmic Indie Pop. First hi-fi LP from lo-fi bedroom studio sort from Chicago, created with assistance from multi-instrumentalist Doni Schroader. Organic, synthy, acoustic, electric. Guitar, bass, drums, low/depressed voice, orchestral elements, etc.. Quietish, mostly downbeat songs. No FCCs detected. Faves: 2,4,9 ~eme o.

1. Beautiful Park (3:45) Slow, soft. Low voice, guitar, synths (spacey sounds).

2. In the Window (1:40) Mid-slow. Marching drum, high voice, clacking percussion, winds, strings,

3. Criminal (3:33) Slow, lullaby rhythm, resonating bass. Voice dropped back in the mix. ~0:57 beat jumps up, gets dancey. Synth sounds like cars zooming by. ~2:40 slow-down, mid-tempo, quavery and ethereal.

4. You (3:17) Slow (too slow). Drums enter to pick up the pace. Moody doo-wop. ~1:40 uplifting flutes. Anxious violins.

5. Separate Ways (3:20) Slow, pleading. Acoustic guitar. ~1:00 flute enters, backing choir. ~1:44, rising volume, sound goes from thin to full, orchestral rock. Electric guitar, tinkling something.

6. Castle of Nothing (2:49) Slowish. Fuzzy guitar, bassline a bit like the MASH theme. Handclaps. Whistling. Ends ~8 secs early.

7. New Years (2:14) Mid-tempo. Guitar a bit Vampire Weekend (or like the Kids in the Hall theme). Bass a bit beachy. ~1:20 mood picks up, guitar starts to fly (close to the ground).

8. Shooter (2:57) Ambient intro, organ. Bouncing-ball bass joined by staccato organ chord. ~1:15 synths enter, filling aural gaps. Sound thins out, then fills out again. ~2:40, machine gun fire, ends with war sounds.

9. Husband (2:47) Slow, bass. F harmony vox. ~1:10 higher sounds enter, crescendo, guitar. A depressed exhortation to stand by one’s man.

10. Trail of Tears (3:01) Slow, High-ish voice, strummy guitar. Moments of sparkling synth. F harmony. Gentle 50s-ish sway. Fades to silence ~2:19.

11. ___________ (1:31) Silence first ~10 secs. Voice enters, soon later followed by orchestra. Least depressing track. In fact, this is actually a bit uplifting. Ends suddenly.

Track Listing
1. Beautiful Park   6. Castle Of Nothing
2. In The Window   7. New Years
3. Criminal   8. Shooter
4. You   9. Husband
5. Seperate Ways   10. Trail Of Tears
  11. Untitled