Seabat / Scattered Disc
Album: Scattered Disc   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Seabat   Added:Sep 2013
Label:Goldtimers Tapes  

Recent Airplay
1. Feb 18, 2014: Setting Fire to the Lab
Side A
3. Oct 14, 2013: Eclectic Erudition
Side A
2. Nov 22, 2013: The Fall of Math
Side B

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-09-28
Epic sci-fi ambient explorations, the soundtrack to watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on too much mushrooms. Dreamy swirling kosmische synth, epic brass overtures, two sides of pure awesomeness on vinyl, also burned to CD for your post-analog convenience. This is a reissue of a tape released by KZSU darling label Goldtimers. RIYL No Mind Meditation, Klaus Schulze, Cluster


A. you embark on the starship Enterprise, flying off into uncharted galaxies where bubbling interdimensional wormhole wonders await—big blustery brass anthems, gooey synth oscillations, and toward the end a slow, trippy, swelling blissful dreamscape concludes.

B. the crew of the Enterprise encounters alien life on an unknown planet and attempts to decipher their language, but the universal translator yields only subtle synth drones, eerie flute and brass meditations, heavily reverbed loops, etc.

Track Listing
1. Side A   2. Side B