Various Artists / Free Form Freakout: Fffour Kmsu
Album: Free Form Freakout: Fffour Kmsu   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2013

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Add Date: 2013-10-24 Pull Date: 2013-12-26 Charts: Classical/Experimental
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Recent Airplay
1. Dec 26, 2013: stringless balloon
The Telephone Chose Watson, Treachery, A Foul Thing, Utilization Of A Quartz Crystal (For Dramatic Effect)
4. Dec 07, 2013: Music Casserole
Bicycle, Slowly Drinking Shade
2. Dec 12, 2013: Stringless Balloon
Fall Back In A Sea Of Love
5. Nov 14, 2013: min entropy part 2 by awyeh
3. Dec 08, 2013: early evening dryer
Slowly Drinking Shade
6. Nov 08, 2013: Aporaw-yeh
Utilization Of A Quartz Crystal (For Dramatic Effect)

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-10-24
Really cool diverse collection of X tracks assembled as a fundraiser for KMSU in Mankato, Minnesota. Some familiar artists to KZSU scattered throughout (but sample the track first- a couple seem to have offered something totally different from their standard output). Levels vary from super loud to barely audible, you might want to watch them on this one. Anyone willing to play something X should be able to find something they like here, and the shorter, musical pieces (ex. 2, 17) could/should encourage play on indie shows etc.

*1 (5:00) Angelic vocalizations, thin high glitchy static, icicle tones; grows lush and rich second half
*2 (4:09) Beachy ripples of guitar, sparse low drums; warm, enveloping, beautiful
3 (6:04) Weird deconstructed lo-bit synth beat, bee-esque vocalizations that occasionally approach words, some static late in track
4 (5:34) Static ambience gives way to oscillating synth, digital bells. Nighttime
*5 (7:44) Whimsical keys, light percussion, RIYL Henry Plotnick but want more beats
6 (3:53) Noisy warbles float between stereo channels; a woman creepily narrates the story of you entering a fantastic palace
7 (3:11) Quiet, minimalistic; a faint, noisy rhythm repeats all track
8 (5:55) Ominous ambient synths + high-pitched but not abrasive knob fiddling
9 (3:50) Synth washes and effects over a fast, tinny beat
10 (3:23) Fucked up noisy techno instrumentation over an actual beat
*11 (7:17) Low drums and mechanical jittering, moves towards weird space ambience
12 (2:52) Urgent staticky thudding beat over vacuum cleaner white noise
13 (5:40) A minute of scraping dining utensils that seem to come from anywhere but your speakers bookended by quiet noisy ambience
14 (3:02) Wandering woodwind sounds, slow and somewhat suspenseful
*15 (10:23) Western-tinged acoustic-electric guitar experimentation accompanied by heavy, almost mechanical feedback
16 (6:20) Ruminations on strings, banjo, and light static
*17 (6:56) Pretty, shuffling, upbeat electric guitar + xylophone
18 (4:43) Quiet; one, occasionally two layers of electronic clipping, scattering
19 (6:27) Droning ambient soundscape for 4:40, then transitions into a slow, longing piece on keys
20 (8:50) Tape loop ambience over an unintelligible vocal sample that slowly fades into static at the end

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sean Mccann Slowly Drinking Shade
2. Sparkling Wide Pressure (Feat. Jeremy Braden) Fall Back In A Sea Of Love
3. Decimus Towhota
4. Justin Meyers Manute Music
5. Panabrite Vox Continuum
6. Jason E. Anderson Utilization Of A Quartz Crystal (For Dramatic Effect)
7. Henry & Hazel Slaughter Snake Chase 2
8. Rambutan Aftermath
9. Charlatan Red Portage
10. Cream Juice Bounce With Me Ohio
11. Parashi Treachery, A Foul Thing
12. Hobo Cubes Spectral Eyes
13. Nite Lite Another Myself
14. Cody Yantis Mutability
15. John Zuma St. Pelvyn The Telephone Chose Watson
16. Tilth Apertura
17. Black Eagle Child Bicycle
18. .Mf Secular Music Of South Minneapolis
19. Derek Rogers A Physical Ascension
20. Chapels Rate Of Strain