Melvins / Tres Cabrones
Album: Tres Cabrones   Collection:General
Artist:Melvins   Added:Oct 2013
Label:Ipecac Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-10-31
(The) Melvins just keep getting better, 30 years and counting. With a title that means “three assholes” this can only mean one thing—an original Melvins lineup reunion with early 80s drummer Mike Dillard, but ALSO including his virtuosic replacement, Dale Crover. Joining them on bass is Butthole Surfers’ Jeff Pinkus, and HOT DAMN does this rock epic tons of socks off. It’s truly bizarre in a way only the Melvins can pull off, with off-kilter punkish SST-flavored riffs blending into a kooky, abrasive stew of epic sludgy blues-metal. Since having two drummers, they’ve become pretty much the greatest band in the universe, and here we get to hear them harken back to the style of early records e.g. Gluey Porch Treatments or Ozma. Play this or your life is worthless!
RIYL Black Flag, Butthole Surfers, Big Business, Shellac, Bl’ast!, Mudhoney, fuckin rock n roll sock hop tonite fuck you if you don’t like it grandpa

1. (4:15) rawkin’ angular riffs with some weird theremin/synthesizer effect swirling around, jockish anthemic singing
2. **(3:28) dark, doomy bulldozer of a tune, muscular chugging riffs and sicknasty syncopation. Badass, crushing, goddammit this band rules.
3. (3:42) big spooky doom-metal edge here, heralding impending destruction of the world, verses crawl along under Buzzo’s menacing snarl
4. (1:04) silly dirty campfire song complete with cowbell and shakers about “tyin’ my pecker to a tree” (ouch!) technically FCC clean but still might offend a lot of listeners
5. ***(8:59) a chugging rock’nroll dirge with extended drum features and sick, gutcrunching bluesy riffs, semi-acoustic bridge
6. (4:06) unnerving pentatonic cock-rock riffs filtered through aeons of angst and drug abuse
7. (1:16) loud and boisterous “ninety-nine bottles of beer on the waaaaall…….” WHY WOULD YOU NOT PLAY THIS? PLAY IT NOW! DJ AWYEH I’M LOOKING AT YOU.
8. (6:54) first couple minutes = Tom Waits going nuts over a Moog synth, then sloooooow sludgy Melvins-style insanity plods along
9. (2:19) midpaced motor-punkish chugger
10. (1:08) FCC son of a bitch, another silly interlude singing “you’re in the army now” with synth, guitar, lotsa drums
11. (3:13) Hot damn, SST-core weight-liftin’ rock-punk, sounds like a ripoff of Flag’s “Loose Nut” LP
12. (4:13) FCC “bitch” fastpaced motorhead-esque metal with classic rock touches, music for chasing someone and beating the shit out of them (because they probably deserved it right?)

Track Listing
1. Dr. Mule   7. 99 Bottles Of Beer
2. City Dump   8. I Told You I Was Crazy
3. American Cow   9. Stump Farmer
4. Tie My Pecker To A Tree   10. You're In The Army Now
5. Dogs And Cattle Prods   11. Walter's Lips
6. Psychodelic Haze   12. Stick 'em Up Bitch