Have A Nice Life / Unnatural World, The
Album: Unnatural World, The   Collection:General
Artist:Have A Nice Life   Added:Feb 2014
Label:The Flenser  

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Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2014-02-14
A nearly perfect album from front to back. Full of massive instrumentation and searing swathes of sound, Have a Nice Life approach music as a truly physical medium. You'll find no self-indulgent noise or vacant nostalgia here--every detail contributes to the overriding emotion. An album I can't keep myself away from, and one that'll probably stay that way for years to come. Music for shouting naked in waterfalls.
Favorites: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (yep, that's every track except for the FCC). FCC: 3

Others: Mount Eerie "Ocean Roar", Father Murphy, Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine's nihilistic nephew, Raime, Haxan Cloak, Swans, Weekend

1. (5:14) *** Low echoey rumbles that transition into a distorted, massive, dirge. Yearning vocals dig through the fog.
2. (6:02) **** Lead single and for a reason, roaring out of the gates with chugging bass and drums set way high in the mix. Jagged, dark, rocker.
3. (6:40) ** FCC "fucking". Boxy drums and ominous background textures. Really emotionally affecting vocals. Pretty drenched in reverb but still best for safe harbor considering the subject matter. Last minute is nearly silent.
4. (5:01) **** Glorious, awe-inspiring sheets of drone with unintelligible cavernous vocals. Transportive.
5. (7:11) **** Not really an FCC but says "retard" in the sample a few times so be careful. Disturbing conversation between a man and a young mental patient at the infamous Pennhurst school. Bell and subtle ambient elements. Bursts into a tremendous, damaged, rock song.
6. (2:51) *** Short breather from the oppressive gloom. Great queasy guitar.
7. (5:36) **** Off-kilter bass line with an industrial more electronic beat. Overlapping, shouted vocals. Fades out into an atmospheric haze.
8. (8:50) *** Gentle guitar and huge ambient sound. Doleful, solemn. Lonely vocals. Ebbs away into nothing. DJ Muscat

Track Listing
1. Guggenheim Wax Museum   5. Cropsey
2. Defenstration Song   6. Unholy Life
3. Burial Society   7. Dan And Tim, Reunited By Fate
4. Music Will Unntune The Sky   8. Emptiness Will Eat The Witch