Willie The Kid And Bronze Nazareth / Living Daylights, The
Album: Living Daylights, The   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Willie The Kid And Bronze Nazareth   Added:Jun 2014

Album Review
Reviewed 2014-10-04
The Living Daylights/Willie the Kid and Bronze Nazareth/ALC
You can tell bronze nazareth helped produce some wu-tang members’ solo albums, because there are the kung-fu skits, soul singing, and bass-y grooves everywhere on this. Willie’s apparently pretty underrated but this album’s getting much-deserved hype online. It’s bright and sparkly while preserving the same dank underground feel I got from ghostface killah’s stuff. The features fit perfectly and the boom-bap sound is prevalent.
Reviewed by Alan

FCCs: N-word, b-word, and f-word or some combination thereof on all of them except the intro skit.

1. Overture (0:41): fighting skit
2. Avalon ft. Roc Marciano (3:13): laidback flow with oboe(?) background melody
3. The Blitz ft. S-Class Sonny (2:19): lush track with female rnb vocals. high energy too
4. Breakfast in France ft. Kyss (3:04): still lush. relaxing, bright, and smooth
5. Sweet Sorrow (2:00): rich storytelling and confessional
6. The Guilt (2:44): solid boom bap track with a skit or two.
7. Fucking Blades ft. L.A.D (3:24): pretty hype track. clever bars with lots of references
8. Wu Babies ft. Sun God & Young Dirty Bastard (3:27): Energetic and full of bravado
9. Ain’t Nothing ft. Boldy James (2:52): Molasses and beefy
10. Coming from (3:48): lots of soul and energy
11. Delirium ft. Sha Stimuli & Sean Price (3:12): very active beat and lots of excitement. hype track?
12. Ice Cold Guinness ft. L.A.D (1:15): short track that lays out the state of affairs
13. Bless My Food ft. Tekh Togo (3:12): winding down track. smooth. makes sure you remember willie and friends

Track Listing
1. Overture   7. Fucking Blades (Feat. L.A.D)
2. Avalon (Feat. Roc Marciano)   8. Wu Babies (Feat. Sun God & Young Dirty Bastard)
3. The Blitz (Feat. S-Class Sonny)   9. Ain't Nothing (Feat. Boldy James)
4. Breakfast In France (Feat. Kyss)   10. Coming From
5. Sweet Sorrow   11. Delirium (Feat. Sha Stimuli & Sean Price)
6. The Guilt   12. Ice Cold Guinness (Feat. L.A.D)
  13. Bless My Food (Feat. Tekh Togo).