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1. Apr 26, 2023: GORP
Divinity (Feat. Amy Millan)
4. Feb 08, 2016: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)
2. Aug 07, 2017: A Night on the Roof
Hear The Bells (Feat. Imaginary Cities)
5. Dec 10, 2015: Audible Chocolate (12/3)
Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone), Fellow Feeling
3. Jul 25, 2017: butterscotch memory
Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)
6. Oct 29, 2015: Audible Chocolate (10/29)
Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)

Album Review
Henry Hinton
Reviewed 2014-09-11
With rising drug-related arrests (and recent deaths) at EDM festivals, it's only natural that Porter Robinson is a little burned out (hehe) by the scene. Tired of the big bass/EDM tracks that got him on stage, Robinson is more than willing to step away from fast-paced, ecstasy-laden tracks meant to entertain hordes of pogoers, but that doesn't stop him from throwing them in.

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My picks: 10, 8, 2, 5
1. "Divinity" (featuring Amy Millan) (6:08) Static-y swells interlaced around chiptunes and female vocals. Dubstep -> Dreamy
2. *"Sad Machine" (5:50) Sparkly duet with vocoded female. Massive soundscape, but not afraid to take a step back and quiet down. Reminds me of material Passion Pit's self-titled 2008 album.
3. "Years of War" (featuring Breanne Düren and Sean Caskey) (3:56) EDM/trance synths, but with a deep, marching beat that gives it a new spin. Gritty sawtooths float behind everything.
4. "Flicker" (4:39) Synthpop vibe, Japanese vocals. Howeveer, it's a little too brosteppy to be unique.
5. *"Fresh Static Snow" (5:58) Mmm, crunchy. Daft Punk-(RAM-era)esque.
6. "Polygon Dust" (featuring Lemaitre) (3:29) I can definitely hear Lemaitre's input on this one (similar synths to "Iron Pyrite"). Chiptune chunks give it a retro feel, but the bass reminds me more of 2009-step)
7. "Hear the Bells" (featuring Imaginary Cities) (4:46) Chorus on top bright (but loud) bass. I'm confused by this odd combo, and it's a little too similar to 6 and 3.
8. *"Natural Light" (2:21) THIS IS WHAT I HOPED FOR FROM PR. Laid-back elements emblematic of artists like M83 and Tycho, but with a sweeping bass and more chimes!
9. "Lionhearted" (featuring Urban Cone) (4:26) Grinding EDM sections separated by Passion Pit-esque choral synthpop interludes.
10. ****"Sea of Voices" (4:58) Slow buildup (no drums until 3:15), but it adds to the magic. Kaleidoscopic synths leave no gap unfilled.
11. "Fellow Feeling" (5:50) String ensemble plays emotiona- JK PREPARE YOUR EARS. Dark, grating, overall "WHAT IS THIS???"
12. "Goodbye To a World" (5:28) Female vocoder on top of driving quiet piano meets standard EDM beat. Backing reminds me of Mega Man: Battle Network 3 (PR definitely has some classic vgm roots).

Track Listing
1. Divinity (Feat. Amy Millan)   7. Hear The Bells (Feat. Imaginary Cities)
2. Sad Machine   8. Natural Light
3. Years Of War (Feat. Breanne Duren & Sean Casket)   9. Lionhearted (Feat. Urban Cone)
4. Flicker   10. Sea Of Voices
5. Fresh Static Snow   11. Fellow Feeling
6. Polygon Dust (Feat. Lemaitre)   12. Goodbye To A World