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Artist:Silva   Added:Oct 2014
Label:Six Degrees Records  

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Album Review
Paul Carroll
Reviewed 2014-10-31
Silva/Ocean View

Indie pop/world. Upbeat, relaxed, nuanced music from Brazil. This is what I’d play on my first date with my Brazilian exchange student girlfriend, if I had a Brazilian exchange student girlfriend. Strong influences from ‘80s pop, but with acoustic interludes—an organic, wholesome sound. An intriguing piece of work that’s difficult to categorize neatly, which is always a good sign. It can get a little cheesy, but it’s all the more lovable for the cheese.
Male vocals, synthesizer, piano, restrained use of horns, guitar. Most of the songs start simple, but build to an impressive, rich conclusion. Everything’s in Portuguese except tracks 12 and 13, so no FCCs.

Recommended: 2, 4, 1, 10

1) “Vista Pro Mar” (“Ocean View”) (5:25): Tasteful use of horns. Triumphant and upbeat, but not cloyingly so.
2) “É Preciso Dizer” (“And To Say”) (4:28): Ocean sounds in the beginning fade into an ‘80s style dance beat.
3) “Janeiro” (“January”) (4:21): Funky drums/rhythms. This song feels like more of a journey, with a variety of textures fading into each other.
4) “Entardecer” (“Evening”) (5:29): Excellent intro leads into a more laid-back, chill beat. At 3:40, segues into what I can only describe as an island jam. Superb.
5) “Okinawa” (feat. Fernanda Takai) (4:35): Male and female voice harmonize on an otherwise restrained, introspective track.
6) “Disco Novo” (“New Album”) (4:24): Opens with a straightforward, but crunchy beat. A little piano comes in on top. Then more and more layers.
7) “Universo” (“Universe”) (3:29): One of the funkier beats. Piano insistently pounds out the chords.
8) “Volta” (“Back”) (3:58): A beat that might have been ominous or grating, surrounded in layers of warm sound. Touches of flute, steel drum. One of the more “exotic” tracks.
9) “Ainda” (“Yet”) (2:48): A man singing to you, sitting by the ocean, strumming a guitar.
10) “Capuba” (5:35): Heavy ‘80s vibes on this one. Laid-back, chill, jamming. The voice sings alone for nearly a minute, which I thought leant this song a nice intimacy.
11) “Maré” (“Tide”) (4:17): Very chill. Reminded me of the singer taking a walk, maybe flirting a little with strangers, but nothing serious.
12) “Ocean View” (5:26): Track 1, but in English. Impressively, the singer doesn’t seem to have an accent. I like it better in Portuguese, not because I’m trying to be hipster, I swear, but just because the native language sounds better.
13) “January” (4:22): And here’s an English version of Track 3.

--Mr. Tumnus

Track Listing
1. Vista Pro Mar   7. Universo
2. E Preciso Dizer   8. Volta
3. Janeiro   9. Ainda
4. Entardecer   10. Capuba
5. Okinawa Featuring Fernanda Takai   11. Mare
6. Disco Novo   12. Ocean View
  13. January