Noriegas, The / Blood Money/Bread Money
Album: Blood Money/Bread Money   Collection:General
Artist:Noriegas, The   Added:Dec 2014
Label:Chaos Of The Stars  

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Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2014-12-11
Sludgy, heavy, blown-out psych rock with some KZSU history. In late 2012/early 2013, a bunch of people in the Bay Area (mostly current or ex-KZSU DJs at the time) got together and started playing music under the name Xi Hammer. Practices were held in a space in Hunter’s Point. The influences ranged from stoner rock to Swans and Glenn Branca, most songs were in E minor, and jams lasted up to 40 minutes. (I remember starting one song while the sun was up and finishing after it had set.)

The band had a porous lineup, and people sometimes played different instruments at different times, but the roster was generally something like:
Adam Pearson (DJ name: Adam)—guitar
Andrew Brush (staffer at Aquarius Records)—guitar
Andy Stuhl (DJ name: Andy S)—drums
Argyris Zymnis (DJ name: Gears)—bass
Diego Aguilar (DJ name: Lestrygonian)—guitar
Emmerich Anklam (that’s me!)—drums/percussion
Jeremy Cook (DJ name: Nox)—guitar
Yorgos Sofianatos (DJ name: Gamma)—guitar/bass
After Adam, Andy, and Jeremy graduated, the band name changed to Yorgos and the Tangents, and the lineup shifted further.

This is a compilation of jams that Andrew recorded live at Hunter’s Point in early 2013. Andrew was kind enough to release this as a double cassette, so thanks to him we now we have 90 minutes of homemade KZSU rock ‘n’ roll! Songs generally start and end suddenly. No FCCs.

Disc 1: Blood Money
1. Autonomy 1(4:03)—Starts funky, gets fast and becomes krautrock. Slow then fast again.
2. Prime Real Estate (5:12)—Mid-tempo, urgent, dark. Builds, builds, builds.
3. You’ll Never Know (9:02)—Medium-slow, heavy, noisy blues.
4. Lost Connection (3:43)—Scorched and spaced out noir, usually the first song Xi Hammer played live.
5. Creepin (7:14)—Slow, ominous, epic, another one the band played live a lot.
6. Hack Writer (4:43)—Medium-fast, driving, with some rattling percussion.
7. Untitled (5:09)—Hazy, dark, builds slowly.
8. Jeweled Crown (4:21)—Wall of distortion, really blown out.
9. Outro (3:48)—Slow, more melodic and easygoing. Ends very suddenly.

Disc 2: Bread Money
1. Notes To The Text (13:12)—Slow, screeching, punishing. Noisy ending.
2. Pictograph (9:29)—Really slow and really freaking loud. Annihilatingly loud.
3. Religion Set Me Straight (8:06)—Something like blasted industrial funk.
4. 10 Times More (3:39)—Atonal guitars. Rolling drums.
5. Victim Of My Will (8:04)—Slow, swampy, cathartic, tripped-out blues.
6. Witch Hunt (5:34)—Foreboding, hazy, sounds muffled and far away.

Track Listing
1. Autonomy 1   8. Jeweled Crown
2. Prime Real Estate   9. Outro
3. You'll Never Know   10. Notes To The Text
4. Lost Connection   11. Pictograph
5. Creepin   12. Religion Set Me Straight
6. Hack Writer   13. 10 Times More
7. Untitled   14. Victim Of My Will
  15. Witch Hunt