Hayes, Liam / Slurrup
Album: Slurrup   Collection:General
Artist:Hayes, Liam   Added:Feb 2015
Label:Fat Possum Records  

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Album Review
DJ Muscat
Reviewed 2015-02-06
Genre: fun, bouncy rock n’ roll

Tight, short, energetic pop songs with some weird studio effects to keep you on your toes. Super fun…can imagine this being a hit at KZSU. Liam Hayes has been around for awhile making ornate pop music but this is definitely a more stripped down affair.

Others: The Shins, Foxygen, early of Montreal

Favorites: 6, 10, 9, 11, 1, 2, 3…take your pick each song has a pretty similar feel. No FCCs.

1. (1:33) ** Fast. Cutesy studio banter start. Turns into messy jangle pop. Ends cold
2. (1:44) ** Fast. Groovy. Upfront repetitive vocals. Guitar effects up the wazoo. Nice little cowbell breakdown.
3. (2:32) Mid. Spunky keyboard. Fun, retro.
4. (1:53) Mid. Similar vibe to the other songs, but a little more toned down.
5. (0:24) Spaced out and wacky interlude. I actually like this a lot…kind of wish it was longer. Cool intro to next song.
6. (2:17) **** Fast. Ultra-catchy with falsetto vox that hit you right in the sweet spot.
7. (3:36) Slow. Sort of an alt-country vibe to this. Pretty stuff.
8. (4:09) ** Mid. Upbeat. More lyrically driven than most of the other tracks. Sweet piano flourishes. False ending.
9. (2:37) Mid. “It’s going to be a long, long day baby”.
10. (2:54) *** Slow, hazy. Cool field recordings. Whoa…did he suddenly go ambient on us. Sounds like a cassette recording of a carnival at the beach? Ends with lots of laughter. Be brave. Play this track. Super cool lead in to next track.
11. (2:49) *** Awwya big crunchy guitar chords. More of a psych-rock feel to this.
12. (3:22) Mid. Sweet, gooey pop. I imagine hearing this in a Wes Anderson movie a decade from now. The drummer loves that ride cymbal.
13. (3:24) Mid. Rawer vocals. Uhhh I’m running out of words to describe this music. Last ~40 seconds sounds like someone vigorously slurping water.

Track Listing
1. Slurrup   7. Greenfield
2. One Way Out   8. Keys To Heaven
3. Nothing Wrong   9. Long Day
4. Get It Right   10. Channel 44
5. Theme From Mindball   11. Outhouse
6. Fokus   12. August Fourteen
  13. Fight Magic With Magic