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Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2015
Label:Dionysus/Hell Yeah  

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Album Review
Sick Wolfe
Reviewed 2015-11-29
Tiki Oasis is a live festival in LA every year featuring bands that parallel the Space Age mixed with the Tiki Culture. Quoted from their website, “Pull on your jet pack and jump into the air; grab your raygun and become a space invader; or just relax poolside soaking in the sights and sounds of your own moonage daydream.” This album is a compilation of a bunch of surf rock songs, some with synthesizers and elements of space travel, while others were more punk rock. It’s a super cool album, even though some of the songs sound pretty similar, but there are still some surprises on here. And it’s FCC clean!!!

It’s kind of hard to generalize all of these songs into one specific genre, but it’s a whole mess of songs that sound like The Beach Boys, X, themes from Mission Impossible, or soundtracks to any ‘50s surfing movie.

Recommended: 2, 3, 6, 8, 9**, 11, 12**, 18, 19, 20***, 22 but they’re all interesting

1. (2:42) mid tempo with cool guitar twangy intro into a mid-fast rock. like if a ‘90s rock band went surfing.
2. (6:26)* slower tempo with steel drums and slow twangy guitar. slightly jazzy. like a hawaiian barbeque at night. big mallet section in the middle with jungle sounds.
3. (3:25)** starts off sounding like a james bond theme and transitions into a jazzy surf rock feel with some diminished vocals in the back
4. (2:26) starts with a static-y countdown from 10 and transitions into a high tension, pressing upbeat song. supposed to be a space monster chasing another creature.
5. (3:53) Vibrato guitars (trust me) in a slower tempo song, repeating same licks over and over. fades out VERY QUICKLY into beeps.
6. (2:36)* ‘50s style surf rock with catchy twangy guitars and persistent drums.
7. (3:23) More synthesizer noises in this one but still with the twangy guitars of surf rock. like a futuristic surf rock song. As the name implies, it sounds more like a beach in space than on Earth
8. (2:44)* more rock like than any other of the previous songs. Kind of sounds like a Mission Impossible credits song.
9. (3:03)*** Starts with a static-y female voice but goes quickly into lots of guitar and drums. Sounds almost like it was muted/muffled a little bit but the effect goes a long way. Some guitar riff kind of sounds like the theme to Batman, but that could just be me. More spoken words near the end. Great upbeat surf rock song; it’s definitely my favorite.
10. (3:00) Starts with band introducing their own songs and transitions immediately into male vocals and loud guitars. has more of an emphasis on rock than it does on surf. Awesome guitar solo - there’s two playing at once. quiet for like 10 seconds near the end DO NOT FEAR the song isn’t over.
11. (2:51)* Has more static-y voices scattered throughout the song intertwined with uptempo rock guitars. typical harder surf rock song
12. (1:51)** Lots of twangy guitars in another typical surf rock song
13. (2:39) Sounds almost identical to previous song, except for a random scream/yell or two
14. (2:45)** Actual vocals! Mid tempo song. Extremely catchy but doesn’t really sound like any of the other songs on the album. This is more of a pop/rock song.
15. (1:57) Sounds extremely similar to The Beach Boys. Upbeat song with some weird lyrics if you listen closely to them.
16. (3:04) More typical surf rock stuff. Builds into a nice uptempo guitar-featured song.
17. (3:33) Most punk-like song on the whole album. A little disjointed but cool guitar stuff on here. Unlike any other song on here. Very driving and pressing. Some screaming in here too. Weird contrast from the last song to this song.
18. (2:30)*** Back to regular mid-tempo chill surf rock. Very relaxed. Perfect for sitting on the beach and just hanging out.
19. (3:00)** Female vocals paired with a very lowkey background with little synthesizer whooshes. Not very surf rock.
20. (4:07)*** synthesizer cover of the Star Trek theme. This is hilarious. Also slightly jazzy/samba-like? THERE ARE WORDS??
21. (3:19) Very punk rock-like with more vocals. Huge contrast between the last song and this one
22. (2:14)*** Chill, slowish samba. Sounds like it could be played in a tropical bar, or, as the title suggests, in space. Really good song.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Chocolate Watch Band, The Expo 2000
2. Clouseaux Paraiso
3. Clouseaux Search For Vulcan
4. Ding Dong Devils, The Ku Vs. The Space Monster
5. Ding Dong Devils, The Marooned On Space Atoll 13
6. Els A Phonics Albufera Stomp
7. Fono66 Astronautilus
8. Fono66 Ready Steady Die!
9. Jason Lee And The R.I.P. Tides Caped Crusader
10. Little Richards, The Bama Lama, Bama Loo
11. Man Or Astroman? Spferic Waves
12. Millionaire Beach Bums Callhoun Surf
13. Neptunas, The Dig Thee Phantom 5ive
14. Outta Sites, The Let Yourself Go
15. Phantom Surfers Jealous Astronaut
16. Phantom Surfers 14 La Llorona Avec Claves
17. Phenomenauts, The Broken Robot Jerk
18. Point Doom Hot Tubes
19. Project: Pimento Barbarella
20. Project: Pimento Star Trek
21. Rosalyns, The Dream In My Mind
22. Tikiyaki Orchestra, The Mai Tais On The Moon