Von Rabbit, Jesika / Journey Mitchell
Album: Journey Mitchell   Collection:General
Artist:Von Rabbit, Jesika   Added:Jan 2016
Label:Dionysus/Hell Yeah  

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She Bop
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Psychic Spice, Put Your Weight On Me
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Psychic Spice
6. Feb 10, 2016: Brownian Motion
Glamorous Misery

Album Review
ts porkchop
Reviewed 2016-01-28
Jesika Von Rabbit
Journey Mitchell

This is Von rabbits solo venture from her band gram rabbit. very Peachesesque though not a lame rip off I think she is a talented musician and singer this is a pop album for the weird. space age dance time! Have fun with it!
FCC on 9
(((Favs! 1,3,5,6,10

1.Metanonia (0:55)))female voice whispering with a delay on it. Cool keyboard in the background and slowly spacey noises begin to creep in. it goes into the next song perfectly.
2.Glamorous misery (3:55)starts sudden with fazer and weird man noise then techno beat and female voice comes in the song is relentless and high energy.
3.Psychic spice (3:13)))) quick Casio keyboard beat then female rapping and hold your horses it gets shake your booty fun and spacey explosion. Lyrics are awesome!
4.Spooky action(2:36) this is an upper. Starts 80’s breathing beat like keyboard beat box and laser noise builds into a little chaos powerful female singing very 80's “ figure it out!”
5.Put your weight on me(3:12))) slower pace than most songs on here. Casio beat errrr err errr errr noises female vocals add a little male sample “oooh” and some samples here and there I think this is a sexy little futuristic space jam.
6.Gaydar(2:51)))dah clap da da da clap laser plus techno 80’s rapping echoing weirdo pop
7.Looking for a weirdo(3:31)very pop the vocals are a bit Alana's morriset and it has the piano from and just a friend for a second.
8.Sugar water man(3:52)80’s rap beat like push it. Then weird made up animal and flute noise sample it's got an uplifting kinda feel.
9.The way that I want(3:55) FCC “mother fuckers”relentless female voice sample cool techno body shaking jam
10.She bop(4:28))))Cyndi Lauper cover starts a little slow with a cool whistling then it's just jesika singing with some subtle effects breathing and echoes the keyboard playing is lovely.

Track Listing
1. Metanoia   6. Gaydar
2. Glamorous Misery   7. Looking For A Weirdo
3. Psychic Spice   8. Sugarwater Man
4. Spooky Action   9. The Way That I Want
5. Put Your Weight On Me   10. She Bop