Richmond Fontaine / You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To
Album: You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To   Collection:General
Artist:Richmond Fontaine   Added:Mar 2016
Label:Fluff & Gravy Records  

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Album Review
Carly Cohen
Reviewed 2016-03-09
Richmond Fontaine’s You Can’t Go Back if There’s Nothing to Go Back to is a very calming, twangy album with a beautiful male vocalist. It’s a combination of country, folk, alternative and a little bit of classic rock. Overall, the tones and vibes of the album are consistent throughout. It is pretty mellow with a little bit of electric guitar and a few tracks showing a good beat. Resembles Bob Dylan and Tallest Man on Earth. One FCC on track 8.

1. Leavin Bev’s Miners Club (1:35)* Super calming, guitar instrumental. Good intro track, sets a mellow vibe
2. Wake up Ray (3:38)*** alternative rock tones, subtle beat with throaty vocals. Still relaxed, but more upbeat
3. I Got Off the Bus(3:47)** Has a more country tone, but not full-on. Definitely that twangy feel
4. Whitey and Me (5:23)** slower ballad, guitar and piano make it pretty soft. Has some pretty sad tones that make it very calming. Kind of soft folk or country.
5. Let’s Hit One More Place (2:54)**** Starts out with a more distinct drum part. Throaty vocals. Still pretty relaxed, but upbeat especially following the track before it. Guitar is very present. Love this one because of its use of instrumentals to change the beat.
6. I can’t Black it Out (5:12)* drops back to mellow tones. repetitive rhythm and beat, twangy. ends on guitar instrumental
7. Don’t Skip Out on Me (4:07)** consistent with the mellow tones. alternative country rock. steady drum beat throughout but with definite emphasis on guitar
8. Two Friends Lost at Sea (4:35)*** 1 FCC right away: “fucking that guy.” Picks up in tempo compared to previous songs, but still relaxed. changes tempo throughout. turns to instrumentals at end of the song
9. Three Brothers Roll into Town (3:45)*** very mellow, vocals and guitar
10. Tapped out in Tulsa (3:02)** twangy electric guitar. same country alternative rock vibes as rest of the album.
11. The Blind Horse (2:14)** no lyrics, very calm. his voice, but no actual words just a single syllable being sung the whole time.
12. A Night in the City (5:29)* subtle drum, depressed and mellow all around. throaty vocals. picks up with electric guitar twang in middle. fades out
13. Easy Run (2:59) piano and vocals only. slow, soulful

Track Listing
1. Leaving Bev's Miners Club   7. Don't Skip Out On Me
2. Wake Up Ray   8. Two Friends Lost At Sea
3. I Got Off The Bus   9. Three Brothers Roll Into Town
4. Whitey And Me   10. Tapped Out In Tulsa **
5. Let's Hit One More Place   11. The Blind Horse
6. I Can't Black It Out   12. A Night In The City
  13. Easy Run