Spook School, The / Try To Be Hopeful
Album: Try To Be Hopeful   Collection:General
Artist:Spook School, The   Added:May 2016
Label:Fortuna Pop!  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2016-05-17
Twee jangle pop in C86 style (from Scotland, natch). A lot of message-driven music about feminism, gender roles, etc. No FCCs.

1. (2:02) ******** Light, airy, fem vox, into a sticky, thick wonderful fuzz texture. "Burn burn masculinity"
2. (2:59) **** Heavy fuzz, swamp of texture, fast. Male vox, brisk and thrashy
3. (3:12) ***** Fem vox, sweet and fast with heavy bass and "aww aww" falling gracefully, just perfectly hooky and jangly
4. (3:27) *** Uptempo, thrash-jangle sound swamp, male vox.
5. (2:48) ***** Swaying git distortion with swaying male vox, delicate, fuzzy and light and triumphant. Ends with sax solo.
6. (3:33) ****** Bright, colorful guitar and snarly, dorky male vox. Fades out into shambolic heap, frail vox continue sing-speaking, then returns to strong guitars.
7. (2:59) ****** Male vox, yelping, high, straining. Awkward against dynamic jangle soundwall, charming
8. (2:51) ******* Ya-ya-ya happy sunshiney anthem to polymorphous sexuality, bright and fast and cheerful
9. (1:49) ***** Bright reedy guitars; Uptempo, male vox, fun soft fuzz backdrop
10. (3:15) ******* Good song, insistent bass, driving and hooky. But: it confuses binary with hexidecimal. This is not okay. This is just stupid, using a word and thinking you understand it but you don't. Hexidecimal is NOT binary.
11. (4:46) ***** Fuzzy gits, soft and sweet, builds to a nice distorted heap.

Track Listing
1. Burn Masculinity   6. Everybody Needs To Be In Love
2. Richard And Judy   7. Vicious Machine
3. Friday Night   8. I Want To Kiss You
4. Speak When You're Spoken To   9. Books And Hooks And Movements
5. August 17th   10. Binary
  11. Try To Be Hopeful