Personal And The Pizzas / Personal And The Pizzas
Album: Personal And The Pizzas   Collection:General
Artist:Personal And The Pizzas   Added:Nov 2016
Label:Slovenly Recordings  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2017-01-13
Genres: Garage/Punk Rock

FCCs (!):
Track 5. Joanie: questionable lyrics in the chorus “…get on my knees and eat out you”, at 2:28 “Shut the fuck up”, 2:38 “shit”, there is a fade out ending at 2:20 you can use to avoid last two clear FCCs
Track 6. I Want You: 1:58-1:59 “we can fuck around”
Track 8. Rock and Roll 1:45-1:47 “my shit’s fucked up”
Track 9. Joey Quit the Pouch FCCs 1:28, 2:16 “fucking”
Track 10. Death Threat 5:30 “fuck”, the song ends before this FCC so you can cut/fade out before it happens.

Overview: Classic punk band channeling The Ramones and The Stooges. Three-chord progressions rule here. Rough garage sound with some shouted/strained vocals and a few tasty solos. Uncomplicated, aggressive, and often vulgar lyrics with a healthy splashing of FCCs. The last track sounds live and is a nice homage to “Needles and Pins” by the Ramones. A good way to end the album.

Influences/similar bands: Ramones, The Stooges (less so The Clash and The Jam)

Tracks: Favorites (*)
1. Diet, Crime, And Delinquency (2:36) starts with talking to the listener (includes words friggin’ and numb-nuts) > music starts at 0:55 if you want to skip intro > crunchy guitar, drums, semi-shouted vocals.
* 2. Brain Damage (2:32) heavy guitar intro > drums > shouted vocals from multiple band members.
** 3. Bored Outta My Brains (3:22) acoustic and elec. guitar intro > lower energy > great 60s Zombies vibe > angst-ridden anthem > watch out for the false ending! > fades out slowly.
4. Dead Meat (3:04) lead guitars start off > medium tempo > mildly violent/tough guy lyrics, but fun nonetheless >fades out with whispers of “Dead Meat”.
! 5. Joanie (2:42) >> FCCs 2:28 “Shut the Fuck Up”, 2:38 “shit”<< soft guitar intro > falsetto vocals > this is the heartfelt ballad of the album > questionable lyrics “…get on my knees and eat out you” > end the song at 2:20 to avoid last clear FCCs.
! 6. I Want You (2:34) rhythm guitar starts out > medium tempo > FCC 1:58-1:59 “we can fuck around”
** 7. (Don't Trust No) Party Boy (1:54) crunchy rhythm guitar > driving rhythm > very Ramones > harmonica comes in > bass and vocals lead into the ending.
! 8. Rock and Roll (2:32) FCC 1:45-1:47 “my shit’s fucked up” distorted Chuck Berry-like ditty > guitar solos dominate > a fun tune (with FCC issues).
! 9. Joey Quit the Pouch (3:10) >> FCCs 1:28, 2:16 “fucking”<< more discord in this tune > think The Stooges.
! 10. Death Threat (5:36) >> FCC 5:30 “fuck”, the song ends before this FCC<< talking and distorted guitar/bass intro > aggressive and violent lyrics (death threat to a woman he is calling on the phone) > “it’s a death threat, baby”.
11. Concentration Camp (3:06) back to the Ramones > starts with drums > heavy guitar > “goin’ goin’ goin’ to the concentration camp tonight”.
** 12. Any Day Now (2:08) (I think this is live) acoustic guitar and bit of tambourine > “Any day now it’s gonna get better” > guitar solo is a bit messy, but actually enhances the vibe > nice homage to “Needles and Pins” by the Ramones.

Track Listing
1. Diet, Crime, And Delinquency   7. (Don't Trust No) Party Boy
2. Brain Damage   8. Rock And Roll
3. Bored Outta My Brains   9. Joey Quit The Pouch
4. Dead Meat   10. Death Threat
5. Joanie   11. Concentration Camp
6. I Want You   12. Any Day Now