Bent Shapes / Wolves Of Want
Album: Wolves Of Want   Collection:General
Artist:Bent Shapes   Added:Mar 2017
Label:Slumberland Records  

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86'd In '03
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Realization Hits
2. Apr 30, 2017: Rock of Ages
Intransitive Verbs
5. Apr 06, 2017: Sound and Solidarity
Realization Hits
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Realization Hits
6. Mar 23, 2017: Brains and Eggs
Intransitive Verbs

Album Review
Reviewed 2017-03-18
FCC: Track 1 (Shit at ~1:16); Track 6 (Shit at ~2:15 and ~3:10)

Overview: Lyrical punk/alternative rock music. Sense of urgency and good male/female vocal interplay. Seductive melodies, bright guitars, occasional piano, not too jarring. Mostly mid-tempo and energizing rhythms. A right good album. You will be bobbing your head and tapping your feet. Spontaneous dancing may occur. Digestible in one sitting.

Influences/similar bands: Vampire Weekend-ish, Weezer at times, The Romantics, The Fratellis.

Favorite Tracks: 2, 5, 10

Tracks: Favorites (*)
1. !!FCC!! – New Starts In Old Dominion (2:21): Guitar opens, clear male vocals come in; female back-up vocals; mid-tempo and poppy; great opening track.
2. *86'd in '03 (2:07): Drums start in; twangy guitar enters and carries into male vocals with female backup; nice breaks here and chorus really shines.
3. Third Coast (2:26): Guitar starts off, mid-tempo and clean; bass and vocals enter with drums not far behind with a bit of syncopation; good vibe and energy; ramps up to an abrupt end.
4. USA vs POR (1:48): Slower groove; silly spoken word interlude, but it works; fun 50’s-60’s vibe; long fade out.
5. **Realization Hits (3:54): Lead guitar starts off; mid-tempo; male vocals come in soon followed by female back-up; happy song about growing up; ends with solo piano.
6. !!FCC!! – What We Do Is Public (3:37): More guitar! And mid-tempo male/female vocals; winding guitar; drum solo/feedback-laden guitar break; pulsates and carries on until the end with intermittent feedback.
7. Xerox Voids (1:04): More grungy and crunchy guitar than the other tracks; driving beat and distant vocals; short and sweet!
8. Samantha West (2:48): Back to pop; jangly guitar and clear vocals; tasty drums and bass; nice breaks with intertwined vocals; easy fade out.
9. Béton Brut (4:20): This tune reminds me of Weezer; crashing cymbals; grungy guitar and lyrical, swooping vocals;
10. ***Intransitive Verbs (3:36): Finger-picking acoustic guitar starts off; strong vocals; a mellow and openly introspective track to end the album; about soul searching, depression and death; “puberty would be my mid-life crisis”; my favorite on the album - the most unique and touching. Play it!

Track Listing
1. Starts In Old Dominion   6. What We Do Is Public
2. 86'd In '03   7. Xerox Voids
3. Third Coast   8. Samantha West
4. Usa Vs Por   9. Beton Brut
5. Realization Hits   10. Intransitive Verbs