Hy Maya / Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language
Album: Mysticism Of Sound & Cosmic Language   Collection:General
Artist:Hy Maya   Added:Nov 2017
Label:Smog Veil Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2017-11-14
Two CDs of live recordings from 1972 of astral rock instrumentals, like Sun Ra meets Hawkwind and F/i. These are primarily long form experimental jams, but lyrics, poetry makes its way. Recorded live it has a perfect low fi quality. You can hear the infamous synth tones that trademarked Pere Ubu’s seminal Modern Dance (“non alignment pact”) a few years later here and there!!Insanely good; it makes sense as check out the pedigrees of members in the following label promo: “The experimental Cleveland musical collective was first conceived and visualized by Robert Bensick (The Robert Bensick Band/Fins/Berlin West), in the Spring of 1972 as a sound performance piece to be presented at Bensick's Cleveland State University "artist of the year" show. The group's core members included drummer/percussionist Scott Krauss (Pere Ubu/Home & Garden/Cinderella Backstreet), synthesist Allen Ravenstine (Pere Ubu/Red Crayola), and electric and acoustic bassist Albert Dennis (Cinderella Backstreet/Wolves). Pianist Bob Friedhofer (Froggy & the Shrimps), conga player/percussionist Richard Schneider, and Mellotron player Cynthia Black (Cinderella Backstreet/Peter & the Wolves) also contributed significantly to the collective at various times.”

Disc 1: 1) (2:48) bizarre electronic noise, analog, dark, realizing that part of it is a voice slowed waaaaay down 2)* (5:37) distortion noise in intro then a drum beat appears and it launches into a great space rock extravaganza 3)* (16:21) a false start, then after a minute or so a mindful hypnotic jam ensues, piano, bells, some Sun Ra esque mystical vocals 4) (1:14) water sounds, then a lullaby solo voice, lyrics 5) (4:23) bowed bass, long tones, bow exchange intro, then industrial organic found sound (digging? Traffic?), experimental with some distant synth tones 6) (5:13) synth tones, upright bass, free improv feel, drums appear later, synth ratchets up, strains of Syrinx come to mind 7) (3:32) more free-improv, drums, synth, noise, organ 8)* (8:01) begins very quiet, but percussion begins to filter in, experimental, minimal, if jarring, fades out after 2 minutes then a different piece appears in a sense, whistles, lots of natural reverb, but still percussion, evolves to an interesting mix, bowed bass, vocs, cool, dark 9) (1:33) 10) (0:47) backwards, vocals, cool 11) (0:41) introduction, low fi, 1972 12)* (7:47) flute, slightly plodding marching jam, Sun Ra comes to mind, excellent jam 13) (4:54) flute and bass, very mystical feel 14) (3:04) mellow, flute and guitar, somber

Disc 2 1) (1:55) strange mix of vocals, exp, then an analog synth wash 2)* (8:22) sleigh bells and bass, flute, dark 3) (4:14) piano and flute, conga, midway falls silent, but comes back 4)* (10:29) epic, weird synth, percussion, upright bass done right, killer Moog noise washes 5) (9:05) cool synth noise, chill, nice bass bowing drones, minimal 6)* (10:44) a lovely jam that evolves slowly, some spoken vocals appear, live feel apparent, nice piano and flute, wow 7) FCC 8) (3:00) acoustic guitar, studio sounds, woofy bass, flute, heavily echoed vocs 9)* (6:40) big rock jam, the biggest in the bunch, Velvet Underground’ish 10)* (8:46) killer, great piano and flute led jam with soaring analog synths, great stuff, crowd noise

Track Listing
1. Awareness Now   13. Amplified For Clarity
2. Neurons Fire   14. Orb Overview
3. Dance Of Illusions (Camel Song)   15. A Reverse Rationalization
4. Albert's Lullaby   16. A Quantum Mechanic Mambo (Bigfoot)
5. Consumption Of The Corse Self   17. Waves Of The Particle Past (Absorbing The Emitter)
6. The Fabric Of Time And Space   18. Hold The Holograph (I Think I See Now)
7. Is This The Moment? (Antimatter Does Matter)   19. Dance Of The Eletromagnetic Zzz (A Space Event In Time)
8. Left Brain Reflections (Quantum Entanglement)   20. Ship Of Fools (Dissolving The Contradiction)
9. The Reflexion Of Mirror Neurons   21. Your Truth...Or Mine
10. Phenomena Phase   22. Just One Day (The Illusion Of Time)
11. I Am Athena   23. General Relativity Is Relative
12. Dissolving The Contradiction   24. Hydrogen Hover (The Side Effects Of Falsehood)