J. Monty / Second Born
Album: Second Born   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:J. Monty   Added:Jan 2018
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Album Review
Reviewed 2018-01-07
J. Monty, a Floridian Christian rapper is of the more creative I've heard in a long time, whether Christian or Secular.  His sound, style, musicality is potent, complete with complex layers and vocal harmonies. He is straightforward in his concepts and delivery but tempers his very serious messages with a good deal of humor. The closest rapper I've heard to J. Monty's style, delivery and lyrical prowess would be Locksmith (underground Bay Area rapper). But when you add the melodic elements of J. Monty's style, it takes his music to the next level.  NO FCC's. Favorite tracks:  I literally every song, but 6 and 9 are my absolute favorites. Reviewed by Daniel of LJH.

*1. 3:07 - Slow/med tempo.  Electric guitar, phased, over a bass guitar (intro).  Shakers, and overlays in the background give it an almost eerie, but intimate feel.  Snares and kicks enter for the chorus and full musical chorus picks up with a myriad of well-placed sounds.
2. 1:45 - SKIT - DO NOT PLAY ON AIR (but listen for the song playing in the background along with the message (potentially dope song), which sets the groundwork for the title and the direction of the album)
*3. 2:48 - Med tempo.  Heavily manipulated piano carries the melody in octaves, along with a bass guitar overlaying a truncated kick drum, brought to the front of the mix. 
*4. 6:29 - Med tempo.  Old school boom-bap drum kit (maybe live drums); simple instrumentation at the first, but the music changes in intervals, adding keys at about 1 min in and a violin, constantly shifting to keep the listeners' attention and as J. Monty's rap-style changes.
*5. 3:33 - Med/fast tempo.  Keys played in octave-harmonies, hard kicks, a truncated "clap" sound, bells, and vocal harmonies - one could get lost in the details.
**6. 4:53 - Slow/med tempo - modulated piano intro, crescendos with a basic hip-hop drum kit to form a very thought-provoking song about the frailty of life and what we do with the time we have.  CHALLENGE: See if you can figure out what he's talking about before the final verse of the song.
*7. 3:45 - Slow/med tempo.  Piano, by itself for intro, then the piano is heavily modulated into almost another sound altogether and represented to the listeners, hitting like a mack truck when the beat drops.
8. 1:13 - SKIT 2 - DO NOT PLAY ON AIR - Hilarious, though.
**9. 3:48 - Fast tempo.  Horns, kicks and snares carry the melody.  Added "extra" sounds, which I think is a variation of the horns already present, add flavor.  Fav song at this moment
*10. 4:41 - Slow tempo.  Contemplative sound, accented by vocal effects, a bell-type sound, an electric piano sound that sounds almost like electric currents and long pauses or drop-outs in the music.
**11. 3:38 - Slow/med tempo.  Piano, kick/snares/hi-hats, with many other sounds and background effects (bird sounds (chirping), etc.)

Track Listing
1. So High   6. 72 Inches
2. Late For Church (Feat. Bishop Bronner)   7. Come For Me
3. Second Born   8. Mr. Monty (Skit)
4. 100 Bars, Pt. 3   9. Goin Uppa
5. Heavenly Army   10. I Am
  11. The Martyrs