Iglooghost / Neo Wax Bloom
Album: Neo Wax Bloom   Collection:General
Artist:Iglooghost   Added:Mar 2018

Album Review
R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.
Reviewed 2018-03-08
Iglooghost - Neō Wax Bloom
Wonky/fast-paced IDM/Brainfeeder/grime
RIYL: Flying Lotus, easyFun, Aphex Twin, breakcore, Jameszoo, light shows with epilepsy warnings
The debut album from Brainfeeder signee and Irish producer Seamus Malliagh. This record is maximalist, cartoonish, and borderline-overwhelming, combining IDM, grime, and breakbeat with a candy coating (think Brainfeeder meets PC Music). Apparently, this is supposed to soundtrack an extradimensional world Malliagh discovered in his garden. Whether or not the story comes through in the heavily-processed vocals, the tracks do have a sort of narrative, with a lot of recurring motifs bobbing in and out of the grimy breakbeats and frenetic melodies.

Recommended Tracks: 4,5,9, and 10, but this flows well as an album
No FCCs detected – lyrics are often in a different language or unintelligible

1. "Pale Eyes" (2:24) [ends with lead-in to next track]
First half is anticipatory, second half picks up with breakbeats – definitely an intro track
2. "Super Ink Burst" (3:27) [sudden stop]
Saxophone, grimy bassline, frenetic, heavily- processed vocals
3. "Bug Thief" (3:19) [sudden stop with warning]
Quickly picks up into more fuzzed breakbeats with tangled melodic lines
*4. "Sōlar Blade" (3:53) [pseudo-end + 20sec outro]
Extremely layered, unintelligible rapping, very glitchy and start-stop
*5. "White Gum" (4:10) [medium-quick stop]
Manic grime with more indistinct rapping, a bit less melodic,
6. "Purity Shards" (1:38) [sudden stop with warning]
A short, tense interlude dominated by whines and bell melodies
7. "Zen Champ" (3:23) [moderate stop]
A bit lighter touch on the percussion – multiple movements, not much resolution
8. "Infinite Mint" (featuring Cuushe) (5:35) [pseudo-end with 20sec outro]
Airy female vocals glide over lumbering basslines, with lots of samples peppered in
*9. "Teal Yomi / Olivine" (featuring Mr. Yote) (5:14) [sudden stop]
Energetic – stuttered vocals samples, second half features (understandable!) rapping
*10. "Peanut Choker" (3:36) [moderate stop with plenty of warning]
Probably the most self-contained song – aggressive, driving and gritty
11. "Göd Grid" (4:19) [long playout]
An amalgamation of the motifs that weave through the album – formidable

-R.O.Y. G. B.I.V.

Track Listing
1. Pale Eyes   6. Purity Shards
2. Super Ink Burst   7. Zen Champ
3. Big Thief   8. Infinite Mint (Ft. Cuushe)
4. SōLar Blade   9. Teal Yomi/ Olivine
5. White Gum   10. Peanut Choker
  11. Göd Grid