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Album Review
Super Chuck
Reviewed 2018-05-07
Los Mundos slithers out of Monterrey, Mexico like a psychedelic serpent ready to draw blood. Undulating along riff-heavy guitar lines and fuzzed-out bass, Luis Angel Martinez and Alejandro Elizondo cut a path through psychedelia that pulls from sources as diverse as the Beach Boys, the Jesus and Mary Chain, and horror legend H.P. Lovecraft, creator of the Great Old Ones—a race of gods intent on reclaiming Earth. Ciudades Flotantes, the duo’s fourth full-length album, is the culmination of that journey: A tight collection of 10 tracks that reminds us what the world was like when guitar gods ruled with power equal to governments, uniting the worlds under the banner of rock. Take a trip with Los Mundos through Ciudades Flotantes to a strange, hypnotic world that is slowly reawakening.

Like: The Jesus And Mary Chain, Mint Field, May Bloody Valentine, Vaya Futuro

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1.Insecto Nuclear (4:46) - The rumble of the drums and the rumble of the guitar predominate.
2.Perros De La Nostalgia (2:56) - Imagine a motorcycle road trip through a desert where ghosts from the past lead you to the stomach of death.
3.Rompe Tu Guitarra (5:05) - Rock and roll is a bird of prey flying in circles around a shattered guitar.
4.Los Mundos (3:55) - Slow, doomy and heavy psychedelic ride.
5.Amantes De La Sangre (2:55) -Galactic tone that merge with the guitar riffs and the agitated drum beats.
6.Lenta Combustión (5:00) - A spatial intro that turns into rebellion and fire. Live: crazy.
7.El Oro De Los Tontos (4:17) - A ballad of the future with noisy moments and repetitive arpeggios [ until ] the infinite.
8.Bonneville (5:01) - Spacey, atmospheric guitar ride.
9.Valak (3:56) - Neo-psychedelic obscure vibe.
10.Ciudades Flotantes (2:46) - Amazing and powerful riffs like buildings that float on huge clouds of distortion.

Track Listing
1. Insecto Nuclear   6. Lenta Combustión
2. Perros De La Nostalgia   7. El Oro De Los Tontos
3. Rompe Tu Guitarra   8. Bonneville
4. Los Mundos   9. Valak
5. Amantes De La Sangre   10. Ciudades Flotantes