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Artist:Flasher   Added:Jul 2018
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Who's Got Time?

Album Review
Jabbering Encore
Reviewed 2018-07-22
Washington D.C. is known for two things: politicians and punk bands. Flasher, thankfully, is the latter. Flasher splits the difference between punk and post-punk, with great Ramones- and Buzzcocks-inspired riffs galore. Constant Image, Flasher’s debut album, also sports some great production that occasionally makes it sound like a 1980s post-punk record—there are parts of it that sound dreamy and textured like something that The Cure (or even The Smiths) would have done. All in all, this is a tight, bright little record with hooks for days.

FCCs: 4, 6
Favorites: 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10

1) “Go” (1:41) – Roars into focus on a wave of feedback, then buzzes along like some sort of punk shoegaze hybrid—too blurry to be the former, too focused to be the latter. Very abrupt ending.
2) “Pressure” (3:15)* – Fast-paced but kind of muted punk. Sounds like a classic underground ‘90s alt-rock song.
3) “Sun Come and Golden” (3:35)* – Slower song that switches out the punk aggression for post-punk texture. Minimalist groove that sounds kind of like DIIV.
4) “Material” (3:46) – FCC “f***.” A return to the brisk tempos and abrasive guitar riffs. Builds to a rousing climax in the last minute and a half.
5) “XYZ” (2:40)* – Another buzzy and brisk song that smacks of the Ramones. Ends in a droning sound that runs from 2:24 to an abrupt cutoff at 2:35.
6) “Who’s Got Time?” (2:24) – FCC “s***.” Okay, this is even more of a Ramones bite than the last song, right down to the tone of the singer’s voice. And it’s great. Don’t we have an FCC-clean version of this? If so, play the clean version.
7) “Skim Milk” (3:45)* – Song feels a little less aggressive than its predecessors but keeps up the speed. Another great song.
8) “Harsh Light” (3:33) – Slower alt-rock song that’s rich on texture. That said, I wish it had some more bite, y’know?
9) “Punching Up” (3:32)* – Another slower alt-rock song that puts more emphasis on the rhythm section than the guitars. There’s a more dynamic switch from quieter verses to louder choruses. Gnarly guitar solo just after the two-minute mark.
10) “Business Unusual” (3:06)* – Jangly guitar with thick bassline. There’s even a couple of saxophone solos! Makes for a nice change of pace from the rest of the album.

Track Listing
1. Go   6. Who's Got Time?
2. Pressure   7. Skim Milk
3. Sun Come And Golden   8. Harsh Light
4. Material   9. Punching Up
5. Xyz   10. Business Unusual