Casino Versus Japan / Suicide By Sun
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Artist:Casino Versus Japan   Added:Aug 2018

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Album Review
Mr. Tumnus
Reviewed 2018-08-12
Ambient/experimental. A quiet, dreamlike album which avoids dissonance in favor of an endless cascade of peaceful sound. Very relaxing, if not particularly stimulating. Fuguelike, repetitive. From the album description: “Accrued across countless home studio sessions, slowly sequenced into four sides of narcotic reverberation, reflective loops, and dream-soaked delay. Guitar gestures refract into twilit horizons; hymnal drones swell and shimmer; smeared notes sway like lullabies of quiet communion.”

The tracks are pretty samey, but try 6, 10, 11, 14.

1) “Sunset Wake” (3:16): A churning sea of ambient sound, with occasional notes stretching up out of the depths.
2) “Not Dreaming” (2:28): Similar to the first, but mellower and dreamlike.
3) “Frost Nod” (1:45): Much quieter and more acoustic. Light guitar.
4) “Deep in Black Night” (5:04): A faint melody skips along on top of an echo chamber.
5) “No Forgiveness For Grey Eyes” (2:22): Peaceful, relaxing, dense.
6) “Death to the Fictitious Light Cycle” (5:10): A bit more cinematic--melody in the background with bells tapping on top. Slow.
7) “The Dive” (0:43): Quavering notes. Tense.
8) “Led Away” (7:21): Pairs of notes oscillating on top of gently shimmering landscape.
9) “Evil” (3:27): Mellower, quieter. Deep notes pressing against each other.
10) “Waiting” (2:31): Very pretty and melancholic. Wish that it were longer.
11) “Pretty Rare Nowhere” (1:53): Quite emotional and troubled. Pretty.
12) “Goodbye Sinister Clouds” (3:17): Deep peaceful notes.
13) “Wave Scam” (2:01): Breathless drone.
14) “Hope in Color” (4:07): Melody slowly climbs a scale over and over. Feels kind of majestic.
15) “Lazy Girl Loop” (2:17): Quiet. Just some echoey notes on a guitar.
16) “Metric Disguise” (5:12): A bit more dissonant and rumbly.
17) “Sad Clock” (3:44): Gently oscillating and peaceful.
18) “Bitter Sensed” (2:53): Restrained. Some strings plucking on top of light drone. Extremely quiet last 20 sec.
19) “Slow Fade” (3:08): Wistful guitar picking on top of echoey background.
20) “Autumn Trills” (4:10): Rolling field of gentle sound.
21) “Backspacing” (3:04): A bit grittier with a throbbing synth background.
22) “Marching Into the Blinding Sun” (2:46): Another simple melody looping against itself.

Track Listing
1. Sunset Wake   12. Goodbye Sinister Clouds
2. Not Dreaming   13. Wave Scam
3. Frost Nod   14. Hope In Color
4. Deep In Black Night   15. Lazy Girl Loop
5. Forgiveness For Grey Eyes   16. Metric Disguise
6. Death To The Fictitious Light Cycle   17. Sad Clock
7. The Dive   18. Bitter Sensed
8. Led Away   19. Slow Fade
9. Evil   20. Autumn Trills
10. Waiting   21. Backspacing
11. Pretty Rare Nowhere   22. Marching Into The Blinding Sun