Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices. The, With Lisa Gerrard / Boocheemish
Album: Boocheemish   Collection:World
Artist:Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices. The, With Lisa Gerrard   Added:Aug 2018

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1. Oct 20, 2018: Audio Ambrosia
Zableyalo Agne
3. Sep 21, 2018: Old Fart at Play
Pora Sotunda
2. Oct 20, 2018: Music Casserole
Mani Yanni

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2018-08-16
Reviewed: 2018-08-13
Genre: World
FCCs: none
Review: this is the BSTFVC's first release of newly recorded material in over two decades. It is another triumph, recapturing the magic, and much of the quirky harmolodic signature, of the ensemble's acapella debut while adding understated layers of instrumental accompaniment. The choir is conducted by its original director, Dora Hristova, and longtime singers are included in the line-up. So is BSTFVC's labelmate, Lisa Gerrard, of dead can Dance, who fits in well on four tracks
If You Like: Dead Can Dance,
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Mome Malenko (3:30) - choir starts medium tempo , swings up tempo> quick stop
*2/ Pora Sotunda (4:24) – choir starts medium tempo with repetitive chorus> Lisa Gerrard solos over the top> chorus breaks into expansive song with percussive backing> quick fade
3/ Rano Ranila (2:45) - choir starts uptempo> quick stop
**4/ Mani Yanni (4:46) - choir starts> slow and multi-textured> baritone vocal solo over the top> horns intertwine with vocals> quick fade
5/ Yove (2:39) - choir starts uptempo> pause> quick stop
*6/ Stuntse (4:47) - choir starts slow tempo> instrumental break with flute up front> slow vocals wrap around flute> midtempo melody shift on percussion/violin> slows to fade
*7/ Unison (3:13) - choir starts uptempo> call & response> vocal solo with percussion> group chorus uptempo vocal> vocal solo with percussion> group chorus> slows to fade
8/ Zableyalo Agne (5:23) - choir starts slow & ethereal, then slowly build in complexity> instrumental jam> choir starts slow again with call and response> pause> slow song with flute> fade
*9/ Tropanitsa (2:52) - choir starts with fast vocal interplay> quick pause> fast vocal interplay resumes> percussion joins> quick fade
10/ Gonka (3:49) - choir starts slow with multilayered vocals> fade
*11/ Shandai Ya (3:17) - choir starts with midtempo song> morphs into a round with overlapping choruses> fade on acapella, almost conversation, and a shout
12/ Stanko (4:23) - single vocal starts like a call to prayer> joined by choir in slow chanting, swells in volume & intensity, then mellows on single vocal, then swells again with full choir> fade

Track Listing
1. Mome Malenko   7. Unison
2. Pora Sotunda   8. Zableyalo Agne
3. Rano Ranila   9. Tropanitsa
4. Mani Yanni   10. Ganka
5. Yove   11. Shandai Ya
6. Stuntse   12. Stanka