Corporate Whores, The / Revenge Of The Whores
Album: Revenge Of The Whores   Collection:General
Artist:Corporate Whores, The   Added:Oct 2018
Label:Disillusion Music  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2018-10-03
Re-release of 1982 Tucson Arizona hardcore punk, noise rock. In that period, Tucson’s hardcore sound was often typified by a slow fast, dirge goes 2/4 blast, back and forth. These guys do this well but most definitely take it to another level. Embodiment of hardcore punk but anything but a “generic” sound that many bands of the era subscribed to. While the likes of Black Flag and JFA’s music belied their roots in heavy 70’s rock, 60’s surf, this band has a strong foundation in noise, tape manipulation, irreverence and not playing by any rules. Sometimes it borders on the bizarre (I don’t think these guys were straightedge). I can attest from experience that they confused many an audience member with their unconventional live performances despite the putative open mindedness of the punk scene at the time (ironic that hardcore at the time seemed to have a lot of unwritten rules - they didn’t get the memo). 36 years later this sounds better than ever.

Cleaned up CD for audible FCCs for radio. Note that the vinyl should only be played in safe harbor.

1) (1:20) classic slow dirge goes blinding fast then back then ends fast 2)* (1:34) slow fast, lyrics as timely today as then about Israeli atrocities 3) (1:07) all hardcore fast 4)* (1:25) silly blues swing at first, goes blasting hardcore 5)* (2:40) “life sucks” slow dirty anthemic 6) (1:04) Hinckley’s Brain, blasting hardcore goes slow dirge 7) (0:38) brief blast 8) (2:08) dirge to start, “Radio Cuba”, goes blasting 9)* (2:19) intro: clean off tune guitar, cheesy ballad feel, if sarcastic, pause then rumbling pounding crazy hardcore 10) (0:25) brief hardcore jam 11) (1:10) mid paced jam. 12) (0:16) very brief 13)* (1:24) fucked up love song, mid paced 14) (0:42) reprise of 10 15) (1:12) slow fast slow fast 16) (1:48) slow dirge epic 17) (2:58) a take on Doors “The End”, strange pounding 18) (1:36) noisy as hell low fi tape hiss warped capstain. 19)* (3:46) slowed industrial noise feel, beautiful dirge 20) (2:36) Casio drum beat, simple melody, irreverent freaky vocs 21) (0:17) brief scream. 22)* (2:40) “I have bad breath”, dirty simple tribal drums and bass and irreverence 23) (1:49) slow dirge, noisey 24)* (4:09) noise guitar that’s all folks

Track Listing
1. Clubfoot   13. My Submission
2. Boycott Israel   14. Pink Elephant Dance 2
3. Robot Man   15. Lets Dance
4. I Wish I Was Dead   16. Love Song
5. Life Sucks   17. The End
6. Hinkley's Brain   18. Corporate Buttfuck
7. Beheaded Mammals   19. We Drove Slow
8. Radio Cuba   20. We Will Build
9. Leavin'(Power Trio)   21. Scream
10. Pink Elephant Dance 1   22. Baboon Song
11. Call Of The Lizard   23. Ashtray Overflow
12. Somebody Died   24. Mudslide Vs Shark Attack