Telekinesis / Effluxion
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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2019-03-05
“Effluxion” Telekinesis
Upbeat indie alt rock and power pop with clear Beatles/Paul McCartney influences. Telekinesis is Seattle-based singer-songwriter, Michael Benjamin Lerner. This is his fifth studio album as Telekinesis. Vocals are often in Lerner’s distinctive high squall. Piano, guitar predominate, with some synth. Learner plays and assembles all the parts, I believe, making the sound very reminiscent of Paul McCartney’s debut album after leaving the Beatles in 1970. “Effluxion” is Latin for “flowing out,” and the tracks on this album certainly flow, with several seguing seamlessly into one another.
— Francis D.

Recommended: 2, 1, 7, 8, 5, 4, 10.

1. (3:33) Effluxion — (8 seconds of room noise at the start.) Melodic and sweetly uplifting. Strummed guitar. Bright, rolling, harmonized lead vocals that soar into a falsetto. Ends suddenly on noise. ****
2. (4:23) Cut The Quick — Toe-tapping, march-like beat. Bouncy piano. Catchy, with la-la-la’s in the chorus. Synth squiggles near the end. ****
3. (2:53) Like Nothing — Stop ‘n’ go beat under a singsong melody. Piano. Guitar riffs, with stingers for emphasis.
4. (1:49) Running Like A River — Very short, feel-good, slightly alt-country ditty with glistening guitar and synth in the lead break. **
5. (3:38) Set A Course — Starts out at a gentle trot with wistful vocals and breathy harmonies. Becomes driving power pop at about 1:20 with pounding drums, a pulsing bass line, big guitars, and tambourine. Ends quietly. ***
6. (2:32) How Do I Get Rid of Sunlight? — Childlike, bouncy pop-rock, with prominent piano. Guitar in lead break. Ends 20 seconds early, then builds up to segue directly into #7
7. (3:16) Suburban Streetlight Drunk — Another bouncy, plinky piano-driven power-pop tune, perfectly complementing previous track. (Can be played together.) Busy bass line. Very McCartney. ***
8. (2:58) Feel It In Your Bones — Roaring garage rocker. Frantic, with fuzzy guitar, complex driving rhythm and slightly distorted vocals. Synth effects. ***
9. (2:20) A Place In The Sun — Short, slightly punky rock with searing guitar work, rapidly plucked bass and driving backbeat drums.
10. (3:45) Out For Blood — Uplifting, up-tempo, piano-based synth-pop anthem. Rhythm-driven. Very 80s-sounding. **

Track Listing
1. Effluxion   6. How Do I Get Rid Of Sunlight?
2. Cut The Quick   7. Suburban Streetlight Drunk
3. Like Nothing   8. Feel It In Your Bones
4. Running Like A River   9. A Place In The Sun
5. Set A Course   10. Out For Blood