Holterbach, Emmanuel & Blutwurst / Ricercar Nell'ombra
Album: Ricercar Nell'ombra   Collection:Classical
Artist:Holterbach, Emmanuel & Blutwurst   Added:May 2020
Label:Another Timbre  

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1. May 28, 2020: Stranded at Settembrini's
Ricercar Nell'ombra

Album Review
DJ Away
Reviewed 2020-05-13
Contemporary classical/drone from Italy, extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious. This is one 46:09 track, conceived by a French composer and performed here by a Florentine septet. A rich combination of acoustic instruments—viola, trumpet, double bass, accordion, cello, bass clarinet, harmonium—overlap slowly to create something almost holy. The title is something of a play on words; a ricercar is a composition form, often similar to a fugue, but "Ricercar Nell'ombra" translates to something like "Searching in the Shadows." And the music does have a shadowy feel, on the knife's edge between harmony and dissonance. Like wondering at some slowly expanding force of nature. RIYL Stars of the Lid, Morton Feldman, Boxhead Ensemble. No words, no FCCs.

Track Listing
  1. Ricercar Nell'ombra