Chapell / CINCO
Album: CINCO   Collection:General
Artist:Chapell   Added:Jun 2020
Label:Self Release  

Recent Airplay
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On The Rooftop
4. Nov 21, 2020: Hanging in the bone yard
Spin, On The Rooftop
2. Jun 26, 2021: Hanging in the bone yard
On The Rooftop
5. Oct 10, 2020: Hanging in the bone yard
3. Jan 09, 2021: Hanging in the bone yard
On The Rooftop
6. Sep 26, 2020: Hanging in the bone yard
On The Rooftop

Album Review
Mr. Bones
Reviewed 2020-06-08
CINCO – Chapell (aka Alan Chapell) (as told by Mr. Bones)

With his intriguing vocal styling supported by an infectious mix of piano, violin and horns, Alan Chapell’s CINCO presents a quintessential college radio sound. In it he offers up a 21st century pop style by masterfully integrating funk, jazz and a bit of Latin styling. What’s more, he is a masterful story teller, whether contemplating a friend’s job loss in Shout It, to the impacts of social media on the national psyche in Spin (his side gig is as an internet privacy attorney).

RIYL: Beatles, REM

1 On The Rooftop – joyous celebration of life in NYC and the liberation of the city’s music scene in the early ‘70’s with divine horns (fast, 3:37)***
2 Shout – uptempo soul-pop story of a friend who perseveres after losing her job with hot violins (med, 3:50)*
3 All I Need – sad story of recognition that a relationship is over but not ready to move on (med, 3:51)
4 Newsonic – driving funky beat with a latin vibe & killer violin (fast, 4:51)
5 Without You - (fast, 4:51)
6 It’s Not My Fault – bouncy melody against a sad story of someone whose had a tough life (fast, 5:12)
7 Spin – melodic commentary on the proliferation of alternative facts in the media (med, 3:53)**
8 Blame – interesting key & time changes on this one (med, 3:51)***
9 When You’re In Love – bouncy pop song about being in love (med, 3:50)
10 God Is Great – Eleanor Rigby feel with great line, “God is great, I just wish he came ‘round here more” (med, 3:53)*
11 Reaction (The Drinking Song) – uptempo rocker (fast, 4:51)
12 Say Goodbye – nice harmonica, fiddle & vibes interplay on this story about growing out of a first love (fast, 4:41)*
13 The Entertainer – dramatic piano & violin punctuate this story about being a troubadour (slow, 4:22)*

Track Listing
1. On The Rooftop   7. Spin
2. Shout It   8. Blame
3. All I Need   9. When You're In Love
4. New Sonic   10. God Is Great
5. Without You   11. Reaction
6. It's Not My Fault   12. Say Goodbye
  13. The Entertainer