Young, Neil / Homegrown
Album: Homegrown   Collection:General
Artist:Young, Neil   Added:Oct 2020
Label:Reprise Records  

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Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2020-10-29
Reviewed: 10-28-2020
Reviewer: Tom McCarter
Genre: General
FCCs: none
If You Like: Neil's "Harvest" album
Review: this is an album Young recorded in 1974 revolving around a breakup with his wife at the time, which he chose not to release. The tunes are very poignant and mostly acoustic.
Track Review (favorites denoted by *):
1/ Separate Ways (3:33) - guitar starts> slow song about breaking up slowly builds to midtempo> slow fade
*2/ Try (2:50) - drums start> midtempo song with chorus about trying to patch things up> fade
3/ Mexico (1;41) - piano starts> slow song about breaking up> quick stop
*4/ Love Is A Rose (2:18) - bass starts> midtempo song about the risks of love> fade
*5/ Homegrown (2:48) - electric slide guitar starts> uptempo rocking song possibly about marijuana> fade
6/ Florida (2:59) - spoken word conversation with electronics> quick stop
7/ Kansas (2:12) - guitar starts> midtempo song about a one night stand> quick stop
8/ We Don't Smoke It No More (4:52) - harmonica starts> midtempo bluesy song probably about cocaine> slow fade
*9/ White Line (3:14) - guitar starts> midtempo song about breaking up> slow fade
*10/ Vacancy (3:59) - rocking electric guitar starts> uptempo song about losing trust in someone> quick fade
**11/ Little Wing (2:13) - harmonics starts> slow song about breaking up> fade
12/ Star Of Bethlehem (2:49) -guitar starts> midtempo song about breking up> quick stop

Track Listing
1. Separate Ways   7. Kansas
2. Try   8. We Don't Smoke It
3. Mexico   9. White Line
4. Love Is a Rose   10. Vacancy
5. Homegrown   11. Little Wing
6. Florida   12. Star of Bethlehem