Russell, Allison / Outside Child
Album: Outside Child   Collection:General
Artist:Russell, Allison   Added:Mar 2022
Label:Fantasy Records  

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Album Review
Francis D
Reviewed 2022-03-01
“Outside Child” Allison Russell
Canadian singer-songwriter, born in Montreal and now based in Nashville, with a mixed heritage tracing to Grenada and Scotland. First solo album after years of performing with other groups including Po’ Girl, Birds of Chicago and Our Native Daughters. One of the best albums of 2021 on many lists. Autobiographical, with heartbreaking detail about a childhood with her schizophrenic mother and abuse from her adoptive father. Blend of folk and Americana, with blues and gospel elements. Extraordinary!
Released: May 2021.
— Francis

Highly recommended: 3, 2, 5, 1, 7, 9, 10. FCC on #11.

1. (3:45) Montreal — Simple stroll. Jazzy and bluesy. Lyrics in English and French. ***
2. (4:55) Nightflyer — Solemn and slow tale of dark and light. Organ and plucked bass. Soulful vocals. ****
3. (4:22) Persephone — Bright toe-tapper with a hint of Americana, camouflaging the serious topic as Russell tells of her childhood abuse. Clarinet in lead break, which Russell plays throughout the album. ****
4. (4:11) 4th Day Prayer — Pulsing, with a steady march-like beat. Very soulful vocals.
5. (4:09) The Runner — Blues-tinged anthem, with uplifting gospel-like vocals, featuring Yola on harmonies. ***
6. (5:35) Hy-Brasil — Measured pace with stately, church-like vocals.
7. (5:32) The Hunters — Up-tempo with a gospel flavor — plus a mix of folk elements such as banjo, pedal steel guitar and steel drums. ***
8. (5:24) All Of The Women — Halting and sorrowful. Lengthy clarinet solo.
9. (3:58) Poison Arrow — Sweet and simple tune, with lovely harmonies and clarinet again. Some lyrics in French. ***
10. (4:02) Little Rebirth — Very spare instrumentation, so that Russell’s vocals are virtually a capella. Prominent banjo (again, played by Russell) with rolling timpani’s. ***
11. (3:11) Joyful Motherf-ckers — Another simple tune, with a tapping beat on guitar frets. A thankful duet with her husband, JT Nero, celebrating her life today — married with a daughter. FCC: Motherf-ckers.

Track Listing
1. Montreal   6. Hy-Brasil
2. Nightflyer   7. The Hunters
3. Persephone   8. All Of The Women
4. 4th Day Prayer   9. Poison Arrow
5. The Runner   10. Little Rebirth
  11. Joyful Motherfuckers