Ko, Sheenah / Future Is Now
Album: Future Is Now   Collection:General
Artist:Ko, Sheenah   Added:Nov 2022
Label:Lazy At Work  

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-11-11
Lush, woozy electronica. Dancefloor-adjacent chamberpop or, as the artist puts it, “LCD Soundsystem meets Kate Bush meets Stranger Things.” Ko is also known for her keyboard work with Canadian psychedelic rockers Besnard Lakes. No FCCs
RIYL: Dragonette, Caroline Polachek, Róisín Murphy, Robyn, Empress Of, Spellling
TRY: 4, 2, 6, 7

(1.) (4:49) Slow intro with fluttery beat
*(2.) (3:48) Washed-out hazy beat with whispery vocals. Fantastic, lightheaded, cottony sound
(3.) (4:43) Gothic electronica with a retro grungy sound
*(4.) (5:33) Snappy upbeat electro. Slick synths and a nice bounce
(5.) (5:16) Bright, sunny synth. Yellows and oranges. Warm reverby vocals, motivational lyrics
*(6.) (4:28) Slow-building. Starts with ocean sounds that swell into blippy percussion and a strummy, bass-heavy beat. A bit of a disco touch. Passionate washed-out vocals
*(7.) (4:41) Slow, densely layered chamber pop. Strings, murky synth, floaty gentle vox
(8.) (3:19) Gentle, dreamy
(9.) (4:39) Piano ballad outro. Hella reverb

Track Listing
1. Are You Listening   5. Today
2. Waterfall   6. Postcard From Saguenay
3. Give It All   7. Eyes of the Ego
4. Wake Up   8. Perfect Stranger
  9. Your Stare