Gladie / Don't Know What You're in Until You're Out
Album: Don't Know What You're in Until You're Out   Collection:General
Artist:Gladie   Added:Jan 2023
Label:Plum Records  

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For a Friend

Album Review
DJ Stace
Reviewed 2023-01-15
Album / Artist: Don’t Know What You’re in Until You’re Out / Gladie

Label: Plum Records

Release Date: November 18, 2022 Review Date: 1/15/2023
Reviewer: DJ Stace

General Comments / Reviews:

Contemplative, but ass-kicking alt rock. If you’ve been craving a Breeders album, give this a try. Album tied together by themes of recovery and self-discovery.

Release Notes:

released November 18, 2022

Augusta Koch - guitar, vocals Matt Schimelfenig - guitar, keyboard, vocals Pat Conaboy - guitar Dennis Mishko - bass Miles Ziskind - drums

Mike Park & Brian Lockrem- horns on ‘hit the ground running’ Mark Glick - cello on ‘bathtub’ ‘window’ and ‘purple year’

Recorded and Mixed by Matt Schimelfenig at The Bunk in Henryville PA Additional recording at The Metal Shop in Philadelphia PA Mastered by Ryan Schwabe in Philadelphia PA

FCCs: 4,8,11

RIYL: Coathangers, Foo Fighters, Breeders

Play: All but FCCs, Favs Rated with up to *****

1. Purple Year 00:53 - Quiet, strumming, synth strings, and unintelligible lyrics.
2. **** Born Yesterday 03:22 - Ass kicker. Thumping rock.
3. *** Mud 03:01 - Uptempo shuffling rock beat with fuzzy guitars.
4. Hit the Ground Running 03:55 - FCC “Fucker’” Old 97s country swing rhythm.
5. ** Nothing 03:14 - Fast Rocking powerchord anthem.
6. *** Soda 04:14 - Mid tempo jangler. Cool play between vocals and instrumentation. Fades to 15 seconds of static at the end.
7. *** Heaven, Someday 03:00 - Breedersesque mid tempo rocker.
8. **** Fixer 02:58 - FCC “shit” - Mid tempo, sharp, excellent jangle-rock. Only track with male vocals. Worth editing.
9. **** Smoking 04:20 - Teenie bopper rhythm. Epic, Weezer-style interludes.
10. ***** For a Friend 05:05 - Midtempo driving-rocker with a killer rhythm and hook. More Breedersesque goodness. Fades to ethereal synth stringy piano thing from 4:00, all the way and seamlessly into the last track.
11. Something Fragile 03:22 - FCC “Bullshit” - Quiet, slow with strings and distant vocals. Begins fading to quiet at 3:00

Track Listing
1. Purple Year   6. Soda
2. Born Yesterday   7. Heaven, Someday
3. Mud   8. Fixer
4. Hit the Ground Running   9. Smoking
5. Nothing   10. For a Friend
  11. Something Fragile