Various Artists / Dischord 1981: the Yea
Album: Dischord 1981: the Yea   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 1994

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I Don't Wanna Hear It, Straight Edge
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Seeing Red
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Screaming at a Wall
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Guilty of Being White

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Teen Idles, the Teen Idles
2. Teen Idles, the Sneakers
3. Teen Idles, the Get Up and Go
4. Teen Idles, the Deadhead
5. Teen Idles, the Fleeting Fury
6. Teen Idles, the Fiorucci Nightmare
7. Teen Idles, the Getting in My Way
8. Teen Idles, the Too Young to Rock
9. State of Alert Lost in Space
10. State of Alert Draw Blank
11. State of Alert Girl Problems
12. State of Alert Blackout
13. State of Alert Gate Crashers
14. State of Alert Warzone
15. State of Alert Riot
16. State of Alert Gang Fight
17. State of Alert Public Defender
18. State of Alert Gonna Hafta Fight
19. Minor Threat Filler
20. Minor Threat I Don't Wanna Hear It
21. Minor Threat Seeing Red
22. Minor Threat Straight Edge
23. Minor Threat Small Man, Big Mouth
24. Minor Threat Screaming at a Wall
25. Minor Threat Bottled Violence
26. Minor Threat Minor Threat
27. Government Issue Religious Ripoff
28. Government Issue Fashionite
29. Government Issue Rock'n Roll Bullshit
30. Government Issue Anarchy Is Dead
31. Government Issue Sheer Terror
32. Government Issue Asshole
33. Government Issue Bored to Death
34. Government Issue No Rights
35. Government Issue I'm James Dean
36. Government Issue Cowboy Fashion
37. Minor Threat In My Eyes
38. Minor Threat Out of Step
39. Minor Threat Guilty of Being White
40. Minor Threat Steppin' Stone
41. Youth Brigade It's About Time that We Had
42. Youth Brigade Full Speed Ahead
43. Youth Brigade Point of View
44. Youth Brigade Barbed Wire
45. Youth Brigade Pay no Attention
46. Youth Brigade Wrong Decision
47. Youth Brigade No Song
48. Youth Brigade No Song Ii