Test Dept / Unacceptable Face of Freedom,
Album: Unacceptable Face of Freedom,   Collection:General
Artist:Test Dept   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Thirsty Ear Communication  

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Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2007-09-25
Politically charged, sometimes electronic body music, in any case always GREAT percussion by this British outfit. Some of it brings to mind mid period Front 242 (tracks 4, 6). The other songs aren't really like that, (but I can't emphasize enough the great, often industrial percussion). Check out:

blatantly leftist and radical tracks 3 (brilliantly arranged use of synth, sampled voices, one presumably of the Albanian leader, practically propaganda, and it rules)
and Track 5 (FCC 'jump in the fucking harbor', 1:35 left, labor song about crossing a picket line, percussion like STOMP).
Track 2 is very tribal, horns, do you know what it means to call Britain America's 51st state?,
Track 1 (no FCC) is also tribal, with many changes, orchestral, bagpipes, slightly over-the-top
Track 8 almost neo-goth, like taking Current 93's 'Falling Back In Fields of Rape' and making it political, like early Einsturzende Neubauten but darker, epic, strange

These folks were the real thing in terms of sticking it to the man and speaking up for the oppressed, and their earlier albums were a lot more raw industrial, they even collaborated with the South Wales Striking Miners Choir a few years earlier than this. Mid '80s release.

Track Listing
1. Fuckhead   6. The Crusher
2. 51ST State of America   7. Victory
3. Comrade Enver Hoxha   8. Corridor of Cells
4. Fist   9. Unacceptable Face of Freedom
5. Statement   10. Unacceptable Face of Freedom
  11. Unacceptable Face of Freedom