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Album: Kxlu, 88.9 Fm, Los Ane   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1996

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1. Feb 24, 2006: college radio!
Lhs '79, The Kids Are on the Go
2. May 30, 2003: the rust belt
The Kids Are on the Go

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Los Cincos The Kids Are on the Go
2. Kicking Giant Teen Angel
3. Citizen's Utilities Chemicals
4. Nuzzle The Sorting that Evens Thing
5. Kaia Lines
6. Diskothi Q Dwell on this
7. Truman's Water Some Sort of Medly
8. Boredoms Title Unknown
9. Magic Pacer, the When Will I Know
10. Retreiver Q-Tip
11. Carla and Martha Whenever I Speak
12. Old Hickory Ashant I
13. Beck Whiskey-Faced, Radioactive
14. Man Is the Bastard Slay or Slander
15. Antioch Arrow The Fixed Orbit
16. Engine Kid Quarter Mile Thunder
17. That Dog Anymore
18. Skylab Go Metro
19. Further Lhs '79
20. Fisticuffs Bluff, the Title Unknown
21. Karp Something About Jaguars