Various Artists / Here I Stand
Album: Here I Stand   Collection:Childrens
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 1996

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I Know My Redeemer Lives
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I Will Sing Alleluia, Oh Lor

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Arthur Slater Spoken
2. Larry Long & 3RD Graders My Charge to Keep
3. Arthur Slater Acharge to Keep I Have
4. Jerry Hall Spoken
5. I've Got Work to Do Larry Long & 4TH Graders
6. Danny Garcia Spoken
7. Guadalajara, Mexico Larry Long & 5TH Graders
8. Sally Goodin Sabrina Williams
9. Mary Stuart Spoken
10. Larry Long & 4TH Graders Old Camp Hill
11. Walter Frederick Browder Spoken
12. Larry Long & 5TH Graders My Little Town
13. Lily Mae Stewart Spoken
14. Larry Long & 5TH Graders Hard Times, Good Times In...
15. Karen Cato Spoken
16. Centerview Youth Choir I Will Sing Alleluia, Oh Lor
17. Atha Thacker Spoken
18. Larry Long & 6TH Graders Hey Coal Miner
19. Dana Williams & Lillian Diehl Spoken
20. Larry Long & 6TH Graders Wash Day Is Every Day
21. Ezra Cunningham Spoken
22. Larry Long & 5TH Graders Way Down Yonder in the White
23. Lewis Martin, Jr. Spoken
24. Sacred Harp Singers I Know My Redeemer Lives
25. Bill Godwin Spoken
26. Larry Long & 4TH Graders Not a Hog Thief or a Liar
27. Gladys Milton Spoken
28. Larry Long & 5TH Graders Why not Me, Lord
29. Walter Frederick Browder Spoken