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Various Artists / Lowest Form of Music,
Album:Lowest Form of Music, Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists Added:09/1996

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman They Are Asleep (Grandiose N
2.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Cmix
3.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Getting Ahead/Orbit
4.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Music for Gamelan and Synthe
5.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Microzone
6.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Japanese Super Heroes
7.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Smix
8.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Suburban Magic (Electrolux V
9.Le Forte Four/Chip Chapman Suburban Magic
10.Le Forte Four Ka-Bella-Cha-Cha
11.Le Forte Four Some Problem with the Cord O
12.Le Forte Four Ka-Bella-Binsky-Bungo
13.Le Forte Four Good Worker
14.Le Forte Four Aye Ma Ma (I'm Amok)
15.Le Forte Four Meanwhile Back at the Tulip
16.Le Forte Four Before Docking in Space
17.Le Forte Four Candy Wrapper Blues
18.Le Forte Four Bikini Tennis Shoes
19.Le Forte Four Joe's Nose Solo
20.Le Forte Four Song of the Electric Drill
21.Le Forte Four I Can't Even Think
22.Le Forte Four What Do You Do, Radiator?
23.Le Forte Four Fade It Out
24.Le Forte Four The Pope Speaks
25.Le Forte Four Crank Up the Kids
26.Le Forte Four Bongo Madness
27.Le Forte Four Ka-Bella Reprise
28.Le Forte Four Steven, Steven
29.Le Forte Four Sonnet
30.Le Forte Four Ballad De Forte Four
31.Le Forte Four It's Raining Bongos
32.Le Forte Four They Are Asleep
33.Le Forte Four Music Hall Bootleg
34.Le Forte Four Painting the Roses Red
35.Le Forte Four Enough Fun
36.Airway Live at Lace Part One
37.Airway Live at Lace Part Two
38.Le Forte Four Birth of Largie Schrapnel
39.Le Forte Four The Very First Song I Ever W
40.Le Forte Four M-M-M
41.Le Forte Four Keep that Point Up
42.Le Forte Four Telethon Returns
43.Le Forte Four From the 12 Pages
44.Le Forte Four Tree Shredding Blues
45.Le Forte Four Do the Crow
46.Le Forte Four Balanced Comfort
47.Le Forte Four Telethon Returns
48.Le Forte Four Internal C.B. Breakage
49.Le Forte Four Good Friday Tape Dumb Sessio
50.Le Forte Four Reel World
51.Le Forte Four Columbia-Princeton Low Prior
52.Le Forte Four Telethon Returns
53.Le Forte Four Down the Congo in a Backward
54.Le Forte Four Telethon Returns
55.Le Forte Four Welcome to 35 South Raymond
56.Le Forte Four Darker Skratcher
57.Le Forte Four Diorama 1
58.Le Forte Four Diorama Ii
59.Le Forte Four Hhhmmm
60.Le Forte Four Telethon Returns
61.Le Forte Four Good Friday Tape Dumb Sessio
62.Le Forte Four Shoe Spot
63.Le Forte Four Simple Circus
64.L-44 Flak Opera Rehearsal, Amazin
65.L-44 Japanese Super Heroes
66.L-44 Amazing Three (Live)
67.L-44 Speed Racer
68.L-44 Man Has a Dream
69.Doo-Dooettes Mojave
70.Doo-Dooettes Silver Hours
71.Doo-Dooettes Twenty-Four
72.Doo-Dooettes Children Undressing Animals
73.Nilsen, Fredrik Green
74.Doo-Dooettes Live Outside
75.Doo-Dooettes Live on Close Radio
76.Intro Intro
77.Electric Willy Her Father's Love
78.Smegma You Gotta Geek the Geeker
79.ACE=1, Aos C/S with Helene Ela Aos/Hea
80.Mr. Foon's Bandaloon Microphobia
81.Ju Suk Reet Meate Hot Bee's Head Hit the Wax
82.Smegma Difference
83.Smegma 1980 A.R. (After Radiation)
84.Smegma Prowing Nose
85.Smegma Die-Wo*Wo*
86.Smegma I Am not Artist
87.Smegma Ladies Nite at the 'ortho Lo
88.Smegma Half a Billion
89.Airway Perpendicular Thrust
90.Airway Sex Attack Show-Lace
91.Vetza & Airway Racing in the Streets
92.C.V. Massage Naked/Sea Chanty
93.Laffey, Kevin & Dennis Duck Schlagerzeit
94.Doo-Dooettes Zombie
95.Doo-Dooettes I Got a Right to Sing the Bl
96.Doo-Dooettes The Flying Eyes
97.Doo-Dooettes Baby
98.Doo-Dooettes Bird and Bee Orchestra
99.Doo-Dooettes Schlagerzeit