Various Artists / Treble Revolution VOL2
Album: Treble Revolution VOL2   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 1996
Label:Kindercore Records  

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1. Oct 29, 2022: Buford J. Sharkley Presents: As Told to Hervey Okkles
Dying Starry Avengers
2. Feb 10, 2007: Biff Bang Pow
New York City Isn't Going An

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Henry .
2. Servotron Speak + Spell
3. Kincaid Mr.Dreamer
4. Lost Man, the Tuscany
5. Man or Astroman? " " (Classified)
6. Joe Christmas Hesitation; They Knew the So
7. Star Room Boys, the New York City Isn't Going An
8. Olivia Tremor Control, the Silverbug
9. Jucifer '77 Chevy Supreme
10. Beekeeper Send the Beacon Out
11. Mendoza Line, the I Never Had a Chance
12. Supervixens Dying Starry Avengers
13. Possibilities, the Day Go By
14. Woggles, the A Little Bit Louder
15. Stuntdouble Those Amazing Daredevils
16. Hi-Score Ray Vaughn
17. Ceiling Fan She Hulk
18. Harry Carey Grandma's Got a Shaky Wrist
19. Elf Power It's Been a Million Years