Various Artists / Project:Echo
Album: Project:Echo   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 1996
Label:K Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 12, 2009: Signal to Noise
Do You Believe in Alien Bore
2. Feb 15, 2009: Music to Make Babies To
Do You Believe in Alien Bore

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Crabs, the Prom Night
2. Honeybunch Tapeworm
3. Seductive, the Kill, the
4. Satisfact Cup to the Wall
5. Some Velvet Sidewalk Free From It
6. Lois Page Two
7. Copass Grinders Ogre
8. Mecca Normal Paris in April
9. Kicking Giant She's Real
10. Wandering Lucy Home Home Home
11. Modest Mouse Dukes Up
12. Satans Pilgrims El Toro
13. Softies, the Hell Never Have to Know
14. Karp How Si Si How
15. Belmondo Grey-Eyed Lie
16. Versus Frog
17. Mcclure, Nikki Hope and Pray
18. Love As Laughter Do You Believe in Alien Bore
19. Heavenly You Tore Me Down
20. Fyp Cyanide in Your Koolaid
21. Pansy Division Jackson