Cat Power / Moon Pix
Album: Moon Pix   Collection:General
Artist:Cat Power   Added:Dec 1998
Label:Matador Records  

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Album Review
David McWade
Reviewed 2007-02-10
It would be an insult to singer Chan Marshall to label this as, but if you did she would stand shoulders above most of that, or most singer/songwriter ilk. (Ilk is not meant negatively). This, her 4th album, relased in 1998 and right in the middle of her trend of increasing production values (eg more produced than Myra Lee but less so than The Greatest). The kinds of folk sensibilities and poetic lyrics here usually fit in well with Nick Cave, and perhaps the new Enablers record, more so than Paula Frazer.

FCC: 6.
Best 2,3,5,8 (also 1,10)

1 'American Flag' only Ms. Marshall can get away with a song about that, E major
2 best track, visionary songwriting, woodwinds jelling perfectly with the acoustic guitar and voice, F#, song slows at end
3 3/4 waltz, song takes over a minute to develop into its fullest form
5 'Metal Heart, you're not worth a thing', key of A,
7 nearly spaghetti western, if I understand that concept right
8 short and very sweet and pretty, 'I would never doubt it for an instant', Ab major
9 slow, long piano, major key, reaches high levels of emotions about halfway through
10 shuffling, mid-speed beat, 'you have seen some unbelievable things'

Track Listing
1. American Flag   6. Back of Your Head
2. He Turns Down   7. Moonshiner
3. No Sense   8. You May Know Him
4. Say   9. Colors and the Kids
5. Metal Heart   10. Cross Bones Style
  11. Peking Saint