Jordan, Louis / Let the Good Times Roll
Album: Let the Good Times Roll   Collection:Blues
Artist:Jordan, Louis   Added:Mar 1999
Label:Bear Family Records  

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how blue can you get

Track Listing
1. Toodle-Loo on Down   50. The Green Grass Grows
2. So Good   51. Mister Lovingood
3. Away From You   52. Small Town Boy
4. Honey in the Bee Ball   53. I'm Gonna Move to the
5. Barnacle Bill the Sailor   54. What's the Use of Gettin'
6. Flat Face   55. The Chicks I Pick
7. Keep A-Knockin'   56. I'm Gonna Leave You
8. Sam Jones Done Snagged His   57. That'll Just 'bout Knock
9. Swinging in a Coconut Tree   58. Dirty Snake
10. Doug the Jitterbug   59. Five Guys Named Moe
11. At the Swing Cat's Ball   60. It's a Low-Down Dirty Shame
12. Jake, What a Snake   61. De Laff's on You
13. Honeysuckle Rose   62. Ration Blues
14. 'fore Day Blues   63. Is You Is or Is You Ain't
15. But I'll Be Back   64. Deacon Jones
16. You Ain't Nowhere   65. The Things I Want I Can't
17. You're My Meat   66. How High Am I?
18. June Tenth Jamboree   67. I Like 'em Fat Like that
19. You Run Your Mouth   68. The Truth of the Matter
20. I'm Alabama Bound   69. Hey! Now Let's Live
21. Hard Lovin' Blues   70. Mop-Mop
22. You Got to Go When the   71. G.I. Jive
23. Lovie Joe   72. You Can't Get that no More
24. Somebody Done Hoodooed   73. Louis' Oldsmobile Song
25. Bounce the Ball   74. Your Socks Don't Match
26. Penthouse in the Basement   75. My Baby Said Yes
27. After School Swing Session   76. Your Socks Don't Match
28. Oh Boy, I'm in the Groove   77. Buzz Me
29. Never Let Your Left Hand   78. They Raided the House
30. Don't Come Crying on My   79. Calidonia Boogie
31. Waitin' for the Robert E.Lee   80. Somebody Done Changed
32. A Chicken Ain't Nothin'   81. How Long Must I Wait for You
33. Pompton Turnpike   82. Don't Worry 'bout that Mule
34. Do You Call that a Buddy   83. Salt Pork, West Virginia
35. I Know You, I Know What You   84. Paper Boy
36. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie   85. Don't Worry 'bout that Mule
37. The Two Little Squirrels   86. Reconversion Blues
38. T-Bone Blues   87. It's So Easy
39. Pan Pan   88. Beware
40. Saint Vitus Dance   89. Don't Let the Sun Catch You
41. Saxa-Woogie   90. Choo-Choo Ch'boogie
42. Brotherly Love   91. Ain't that Just Like a Woman
43. De Laff's on You   92. That Chick's Too Young Too
44. Boogie Woogie Came to Town   93. No Sale
45. John, Stop Teasing Me   94. If It's Love You Want Baby
46. How 'bout that   95. Ain't Nobody Here but Us
47. Teacher   96. Let the Good Times Roll
48. Mama Mama Blues   97. All for the Love of Lil
49. Knock Me a Kiss   98. Texas and Pacific
  99. Jack, You're Dead