Various Artists / Kickin Asphalt
Album: Kickin Asphalt   Collection:Country
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2000
Label:Scena Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Mar 23, 2004: Theme Wars
Trucker's Lament
2. May 23, 2003: the rust belt
Trucker's Lament

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Joe Sun 13 Tons of Ice Cream Bars
2. Bobby Bare This Is As Far As I Go
3. Bobby Bare Six Days Back at Home
4. Moe Brandy & Joe Stampley Semi Married Man
5. Sheb Wooley Mother Truckers Double Clutc
6. Moe Brandy & Joe Stampley Kickin Asphalt
7. Sheb Wooley Come on Back to Nashville
8. Moe Brandy & Joe Stampley We May Be Lost but We're Mak
9. Del Reeves Truck Driver's Girl
10. Sheb Wooley Truckin Sons of Mitch's
11. Del Reeves Bertha the Bull Hauler
12. Sheb Wooley Trucker's Lament
13. Del Reeves Date in Dallas
14. Bobby Bare Don't Go to Sleep on the Roa
15. Jethro & Bodine Bad Gas
16. Joe Sun Fryin Bacon Naked
17. Sheb Wooley Born to Be a Trucker
18. Bobby Bare Momma Take the Road Off Me
19. Bobby Bare There's An 18 Wheeler
20. Del Reeves Marry for the Money
21. Bobby Bare World's Last Truck Drivin Ma