Kid Koala / Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
Album: Carpal Tunnel Syndrom   Collection:General
Artist:Kid Koala   Added:Mar 2000
Label:Ninja Tune  

Recent Airplay
1. Sep 06, 2004: Short Song Marathon Part?
Strut Hear
2. Sep 19, 2003: Stirling's Approximation
Drunk Trumpet, Fender Bender, Nerdball

Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2001-08-06
Post-hip-hop abstract turntableism. This kid has mad crazy turntable skills, and he uses a mixture of scratches, samples, and music to create sound collage. Each song is constructed around a theme. Often quite witty, Kid Koala uses a wide range of amusing samples to illustrate the point. This is really wild, man. Check out tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, and 13
2 (1:43) *Dialog, develops into rhythmic crab scratches with music and rhythm layered over
3 (3:54) *Starts w/ Pac-Man tutorial. Chill tune under scratches
6 (1:58) *Nice music, pickup line samples, amusing
7 (3:47) **Man beatboxing mixed w/ dialog about getting up plus a beat
9 (3:53) *start w/ a capella drum, then scratches and dialog about DJs/scratching, cool but repetitive
13 (3:13) *Part 2 of track 6; more amusing samples, very funny ending

Track Listing
1. Strut Hear   8. Naptime
2. Nerdball   9. A Night at the Nufonia
3. Fender Bender   10. Temple of Gloom
4. Drunk Trumpet   11. Scurvy
5. Robo Shuffle   12. Like Irregular Chickens
6. Barhopper 1   13. Barhopper 2
7. Music for Morning People   14. Roll Credits